gal no uptodate wi deport dem

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written by owen on 2004-Jan-15.

I being trying to thing up some new content (again). Especially for people who are hip on todays local culture, looking for porn or listen to dancehall music.
I've been informed that my website is too geek. While I was really going for the simple look - which it seems I have achieved. If you don't this this site is simple and easy to understand then your just crazy fool.
AS for new content I'm planning to have a wheels section with pictures of really expensive cars and shit. Plus random pictures of people I see in the local morgue or dance.
As my nephew was kind enough to inform me - di site need hype

in other news

Dancehall artist beenie man crashes his h20 hummer in early morning drive. full story

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  1. Well beenie man a my DJ still from like long time, but mi nuh feel so sorry fi him. Afta him come pon BET a twang bout him crib an a him same one love big up jamaica him shoulda represent him true language and self. Mi sure seh if him a call him son him nah go seh "come here to your father little son" him woulda bless him wid claat long from ya so to spanish town road.
    Bigga newz, mi did deh a Hot Monday last week an see him roll in, in the same humma werh him spin ova. Mi nuh bad mine him at all. Hush ya bredren.

    by Kash 2004-Jan-20