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written by owen on 2004-Jan-28.

I'm almost totally tired of american media at this point. I wish I had some foriegn chinese cable. All this american media is turning me into microsoft - really it is. I also almost totally stopped watching local television. not because of the crime nor WMDs we have stashed. But mostly because school challege quiz just doesn't seem fair anymore.
I'll probably move to japan and learn japanse. They have much better mobile phone services. That is unless I get married on the 29th. Then I'll have to wait till she dies in 8 years. I've definately been watching too much television. I need to get out more. What does love have to do with it anyway?

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  1. love is emotion and wanderlust
    and feelings to deep for a song
    love is decision and sacrifice
    and without them love won't go on
    - pc3

    anyway i don't think that has anything much to do with the post...

    are you intending to get married on the twenty ninth? oh the twenty ninth, that's today. oh no, it's in an hour os so for you...

    by shade 2004-Jan-28 

  2. japan is out
    go for malaysia instead

    by lızzy 2004-Jan-29 

  3. malaysia? do the have go cellphone service and cheap electronics?

    by owen 2004-Feb-06 

  4. well you could always sign up for one of the teach english in japan programs. Lets see you have jamvat and nova.

    I have a friend over there in osaka

    by alex13 2006-Jan-25