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written by owen on 2003-Dec-08.

Did you ever notice how some of the hottest women always work in banks? What do they do all day? Count money? Probably, but I can never tell.
I have realised that I have been spending enormous amount of my time on my computer, playing video games, watching reality shows or sleeping. Which leads me to question why I'm not out in the world, complaining about something, burning cds, buying autoparts, gifts, going on dates with as many women as possible or getting into ridiculous amount of debt.
I have been watching the IFC since recently. Independent films have a way of having weird unexpected endings. Unlike main stream movies, which are in fact crap and exist only for the entertainment of the masses. The masses whom which would riot if not meaningfully occupied. The ma-trix was not a bad movie - really it wasn't. Sleep walk, Crush, Girlfight, the samurai movies from 1962 are good too.
So what have I learned this week? Never hit on the women that work in your bank - no matter how cute they are. Off-season hurricanes may produce a little rain but they don't do didly much else. It is humanly impossible to beat some of the missions in in fzero-GX. New banktellers will most likely get you into trouble, especially if you are "suspicious looking".        Maybe I should get a hair cut. Life without snow is good.

in other news

mike might still need $5.95

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