Thoughts on becoming president

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written by owen on 2003-Nov-22.

I hope this website doesn't affect my chances of becoming president. I would hate to wake up one day, run for president and then some punk tells everybody that I had a blog and a website with pornography. Do you think people like george bush, pj paternson and bill clinton just wake up one day and decide to be president? - No it took years of planning! To think my 15 minutes of fame gone, simply because I knew how to write a little HTML.
From the day they left high school, the plan was to be perfect, never to do anything illegal and to kill absolutely all your rivals. Being rich also adds to the mix. But anyway the point is if there are people out there planning to blackmail me with my own website; I'm planning on using the insanity plea. Or better yet if / when I get old and perfect, I'd like to think that I'll have enough money to pay every body who has ever visited my website to shut up ok?
So in the event that I run president in like 40 years from now, I'd like to think that you'd vote for me and not be a playa hater.

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  1. same goes for me...don't hate. Then again I can't see myself ever being the president. Or rich.

    by Mike 2003-Nov-24