1. yes he does she is a f***ken model jordana jardel

    by sara 2004-Jan-01 

  2. i hate er she is f****n horrible and she is reallly ugly

    by amybbb60 2008-Apr-26 

  3. chek on my web has loads of info about it (and other stuff too) sign up and feel free to browse the other stuff, there are quite a lot of unknown things there, particularly in the love section!

    by cristina 2004-Jan-11 

  4. All teenage girls wish he didn't. Jordana Jardel's just a friend, they recently had a huge fight too, but there's rumours of another girl who's identity has remained a secret.

    by Solskjaer 2004-Jan-13 

  5. I think this is a story... He hasn't girlfriend...I think this is a stupid story!!!!

    by Ana 2004-Jan-14 

  6. well,id be very happy for him either long as ronaldo is happy I've heard lots of people saying he has a girlfriend,but you never know with all the media and stuff like that.

    by sara 2004-Jan-16 

  7. I love Cristiano if he has a gf i would break down plz sum1 tell me dis isn't true :-(         xxx

    by Raffina 2004-Jan-17 

  8. I used to feel the same way. But you have go to put yourself in that position an think what would you be like if you didnt have a boyfriend. I would be happy either way but you gotta be jealous i suppose.

    by me 2004-Jan-21 

  9. dont talk nonces to me you can have a boyfriend if you look sexy inuff ok

    by simmy 2008-May-31 

  10. he has got a gf, jordana jardel cos i saw him on spanish sport sayin how they love eachother badly. so face up to facts, hes a footballer, hes bound to have a gf. good for you ronaldo!!!

    by maria 2004-Jan-23 

  11. i think jordana is quite an ugly model coz i saw photos and she looked like a rabit.i thought you would have better taste ronaldo!!!!!!

    by natalie 2004-Jan-28 

  12. its all a lie that was his gf last year but they finshed their still friends thou

    by Shelly 2004-Jan-31 

  13. He has broken up with jordana because she apparently had an affair with a boy called roger and cristiano caught them kissing. but now there is a rumour going around that he is dating alan smiths ex, but i dont no if it is true, a spokeswoman for lauren said that they have been introduced and thats all?

    by Marina 2004-Feb-12 

  14. should it really matter if he has a girlfriend or not? there's more to him than just looks. he's really talented at football, and that's what you 'omg-he's so hot fans' should care about. as long as he keeps up his game, and is happy.

    by heather hudak 2004-Feb-16 

  15. I hope he hasnt got a gf coz i wanna be it.
    he is amazingly talented but even if he was still at college and i met him i would still probably faint or have a heart attack
    hes gorgeous!!!!

    by Jodie 2004-Feb-20 

  16. I herd the olny women in Cristiano's life are his mom and his sisters and there is no girlfriend...but if he has one someone let me know...cause hes the sexiest man alive*

    by C 2004-Feb-22 


    by MELMEL 2008-May-02 

  18. Can somebody plz let me know if alan smiths ex-girlfriend is going out with cristiano 4 definate!?

    by Mrs! 2004-Feb-23 

  19. don't worry girls coz if she is, she is rele ugly n e way

    by Marina 2004-Feb-23 

  20. i think hes seeing alan smith's ex- lauren frain. im not sure tho

    by jess 2004-Feb-27 

  21. lauren frain is a minger!! and ronaldo talks broken english coz i saw him at a club, so even if they were going out , the chances are that it will last 5minutes so woo hoo, i saved the day.

    by a lucky girl 2004-Feb-27 

  22. Ronaldo has got a girlfriend and she is portuguese..i am from oporto(portugal) and I saw ronaldo in the street (behind the hotel before the game fcporto-manchester united)hold and kissing the girl SOOOOO sweet and she is portuguese..she is not jordana or the stupid lauren frain..!and then he went to the hotel with her ...!my brother(8 years)called him to a autographer,but he said "NO" ..and do you know why?cause he was with his portugueses girlfriend...and girls I'm sorry but she is Gorgeous...totaly Gorgeous..she reminds me, just a little, the Super model Adriana lima(the girlfriend of lenny kravitz)...

    by susana 2004-Feb-27 

  23. well i am going to get involved in modelling soon so i can try to win his heart!!! i hope!!! his girlfriend is the luckiest girl alive! and i have no doubt that it will one day b me!

    by mystery girl!!! 2004-Feb-28 

  24. keep dreaming "mystery girl"..susana says that she is totaly GORGEOUS...!Ronaldo must be very happy with his love..congratulations for him...

    by sarah 2004-Feb-28 

  25. everbody has different opinion's on people and "susanna might think she is gorgeous" but somebody else might think that she is ugly!
    jordana jardel is ugly! and he apparently was going out with her!!!

    by mystery girl 2004-Feb-29 

  26. c'mon can sum 1 plz write suminc

    by Minnie 2004-Mar-08 

  27. He or may not, but I heard he is going out with charloote church

    by wes brown 2004-Mar-10 

  28. watch this space girls i'll be on the front of ok magazine with him in 1 year (im confident!!)

    by Jodie 2004-Mar-10 

  29. ei jodie...keep dreaming,he HAS GOT A GIRLFRIEND...and she is PORTUGUESE...i have already meet a friend of them,he says that they are totaly in love...and Cristiano asked her if she wants to live with him ,cause he can lives without her...!!!!!i have seen a photo of both together ...kissing and another photo of the girl...and like susana said:" she is totaly GORGEOUS and reminds me,just a little, the super model adriana lima(girlfriend of lenny kravitz)"---> that's true she is like adriana lima...but more young...!CONGRATULATIONS CRISTIANO... you found your true love..I´m very happy for him...and girls you should be happy too..but I have to say that you don't have any chances with him cause he LOVES SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH HIS GIRL,that he told to his friend(my friend too) that SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL THAT HE EVER SAW...and he wants to marry with her...!!!girls you MUST be happy for him cause he his the hapiness man in the world....

    by Mari(from portugal) 2004-Mar-12 

  30. heyyyy I have already seen that girl on this summer with him in lisbon(in Expo)..yes she is like "Adriana lima".....omg...she is very lucky..and he is too cause she is ..gorgeous ;((

    by ana 2004-Mar-12 

  31. has any1 got a pic of this jordana jardel

    by jiji 2004-Mar-14 

  32. u girls should find something better to do with your time because you r all in a dream world and need to move on because i am portugese and i have been out with cristiano on a few dates a while back and he can't even say a sentence in english and likes portugese and foreign girls!!

    by Maria 2004-Mar-14 

  33. also if he does have a "suposed" girlfriend, how comes that it has not been targeted by the press and printed onto newspapers, the story about lauren frain was put onto the newspaper but was untrue!!! and there is no information about it on the internet and no pictures and there is loads of info about his previous girlfriend "jordana jardel" who is a right mingrat...

    by ??? 2004-Mar-14 

  34. so he's got a bird!

    Where is she???

    by JJ 2004-Mar-14 

  35. some of u peeps r complete liars!!!!

    by ms ronaldo 2004-Mar-15 

  36. NO WAY!! cristiano CAN'T hav a gf!!!! noooooo!

    by ace 2004-Mar-18 

  37. i'm gunna friggin murder that bitch

    by k8o 2004-Mar-18 

  38. Hope not . i'm deeply in love with him and that's the truth. I can't help it but he is just lovely!

    by Nicola Medlin 2004-Mar-18 

  39. hey have to know this: Ronaldo has got girlfriend!!!!!!!and like every girls said:SHE IS PORTUGUESE!I saw them in lisbon last january on the avenue..the were so together..holding and kissing,very sweet!and she is not that ugly jordana jardel..she is...just the other girls on this site have said!!she is like a model,walk like a model,dress like a model...when I saw them I almost had a heart attack.cause I'm totalyyyy in love with him...and seeing with her kissing so sweet and holding the girl everytime...OMG THAT WAS HORRIBLE for me =(((they are very much in love =(((but the worst of this story is that his girl is totaly can't imagine her beauty!!!for me that is the worst...=(

    by sara 2004-Mar-19 

  40. HEYYYYYYYYYYYY I SAW THAT GIRL with him!!!!!!!!i iT IS ALL TRUE !! he has got a girlfriend ..very very beautiful..I saw the both together but in oporto last september..i was with my friends and they called him to autographer their t-shirt but he didn't accept..and go away with his girl...and then I saw the way that he care about her...kissing his girl so LOVELY!!!..but you have to put yourself in his position ..cause he is happy!...

    by lili 2004-Mar-19 

  41. I want ronaldo for meeeeeeeee....if that girl is like adriana lima..omg she seems to be gorgeous...ok ok ok totaly gorgeous..look to this website and you would see the super model and girlfriend of lenny kravitz ..that everyone say that is look like ...---the girlfriend of ronaldo7...OMGGGGGGG that bitch seems to be gorgeous if she is really really like that adriana lima...

    by kathry 2004-Mar-19 

  42. I still don't believe it, its all a load of bullshit!!! lol

    by la la land 2004-Mar-20 

  43. if this "supposed girlfriend" does look like adriana lima then i aint 2 worried coz i think that adriana lima looks a bit like that transexual miriam from that program "somethin about miriam"! lol

    by la la land 2004-Mar-20 

  44. if he has got a girlfriend let him get on with his life if he does love her its sweet. Any1 who's to know how long they will be 2gether he is only young. and this is from someone who fancies him to death and respects him.

    by mistery lady 2004-Mar-21 

  45. soz but u need 2 get it trough dat it is very very very very very unlikely he will be with any1 of us. if he is in love than who ever she is she is very very lucky we DO know dat.

    by mistery lady again 2004-Mar-21 

  46. no, i heard that the lil asswipe was dumped by him a while ago cuz he told some interviewere that he's "single and looking" or something [not as gay as that tho]. besides, that jordana bitch thinks she's better looking than posh n u wouldn't believe how WRONG she is. she's feral!

    by ace 2004-Mar-22 

  47. to ace, that is soooo true, victoria beckham is a beauty queen compared to jordana jardel and she has bagged david beckham so she has gotta count 4 something.

    by Luvly gal 2004-Mar-22 

  48. to mystery lady, never say never you cannot predict the future and tell people wat is going to happen! even if there is a small chance of ronaldo going out with a fan, i still believe that there is a chance and nothing is impossible!!! people like britney, christina aquilera and pink they once were dreamers but now there dream is a reality so it could happen for me to...

    by ? 2004-Mar-22 

  49. to mystery lady, just wonderin "who r u 2 judge"?

    by ? 2004-Mar-22 

  50. i go to man utd and i have met ronaldo once and i am meeting him again in october. I do think he has a g/f. OF COURSE he has he is so HOT!
    I'm hoping to make an impression on him in october so if he does date a fan...I WISH!.....but if will be me!

    by Man utd fan 2004-Mar-22 

  51. man utd fan, i think i no who u are!! yes i agree he is very hot and i wish u the best of luck with him.....if it is who i think it is, i think next time you'll meet him you'll knock him dead you stunner!! lol! hehe

    by ????? 2004-Mar-22 

  52. u r dreamerz, i fink that man unt fan and ????? r the same person al, i can say is get a life!!! and get ova ur self lol!!! if n e 1 is gonna knock him dead it will b me! i am currently signed to a modelling agency you might recognise me in the LMC vs U2 video, im the one with the brown hair and bright blue eyes! if u don't believe me that is your choice but i am telling the complete truth, i will give you my modelling agency's number and you can track me down!! XxX kisses from ms dos santos aveiro

    by Saffron Lamen 2004-Mar-22 

  53. i don't mean to say give up never ever do that.i wasnt judging any1 im sorry if u thought that. u never know wat will happen wat ever happens i hope he is happy. let the best girl win!

    by mistery Lady 2004-Mar-22 

  54. I think that man utd and ??? are the same girl too! u can't trick us that easily. All i say is that he probably has got a girlfriend and the best of luck to him and his career!

    by Danni 2004-Mar-22 

  55. to danni i think the same good luck to him although i would love 2 meet him and be with him but u also never no wat he is like he may not be rite for any of us

    by Mistery lady 2004-Mar-22 

  56. I can't wait until man u play arsenal coz man u rock and they should win the FA cup and i can't wait until cristiano comes on and flexes his lovely legs!!!

    by luvley_gal 2004-Mar-23 

  57. cristiano darling i wish you the best of luck whatever you do. these girls are all desperate dreamerz :) i hope you are happy with which ever girl you are with. you deserve the best.
    cant wait to see you in old trafford very soon!!

    by mai 2004-Mar-23 

  58. hello there, to mai if we are all desperate dreamerz then wat r u doin on this webpage?

    by Kimberley diamond 2004-Mar-23 

  59. i thought ronaldo could do better than that.

    by dee 2004-Mar-24 

  60. a dont think he has a girlfriend cos if he did everyone would know about it.

    by tara 2004-Mar-24 

  61. everyone on this web page who has said they have bin on a date with him is chattin shit. dream on girls.

    by tara 2004-Mar-24 

  62. Ronaldo claimed that he wore 2 fingers on his marriage finger. He said they were sentimental and they dont fit on any other fingers. Correct me if i'm wrong but sometimes he wears the rings on his marriage finger, then he wears it on one of the fingers on his right hand, and sometimes neither! Can anyone help me on this? Its very confusing!

    by Laura 2004-Mar-25 

  63. the only way you cud tell if he has a girlfriend is from him and him only papers magazines and shit like that are all liers.

    by mistery lady 2004-Mar-25 

  64. i think i say for all when i wish ronaldo and man utd luck for sunday against arsenal they shouldnt need it but still. GOOD LUCK !!
    it will be a great present for me cos my birthday is on monday

    by mistery lady 2004-Mar-25 

  65. But if ronaldo did have a girlfriend is is a known fact that the british media and press would be the first people to know about it. There surely would be information on the internet and a name for this girl would become known and she would be on the front covers of all newspapers and i agree that you shouldnt believe everything you read but there is some truths in stories.

    by crazy bitch 2004-Mar-25 


    by cristiano is HOTT 2004-Mar-25 

  67. I read in one article that ronaldo is single and the only women in his life at the moment are his mums and sisters. Then i read an article about him and Jordana. Then i read another article about him and Lauren Frain. I'm dead confused! Help? And does anyone believe that the rings on his marriage finger are just there cos they wont fit on any other fingers? I dont! I think he is married and is keeping schtum bout it! Any comments? Please reply a.s.a.p

    by Laura 2004-Mar-25 

  68. to laura, i think it would be very unlikely that cristiano is married because he is at a very young age of 19 and if he was married it would be doomed to fail because long distance relationships do not last: for example adrian mutu from chelsea's marriage failed because his wife was over in italy while he was in england and they started to row so they decieded to get a divorce so if cristiano is married hopefully that will be the case

    by olivia 2004-Mar-25 

  69. aparantly jordana got two braclets. one for her n one for he n she said whenever we r feeling lonley tooch the braclet n it will remind us of our love.

    by tara 2004-Mar-25 

  70. does anyone know if he has e girlfriend?

    by tara 2004-Mar-25 

  71. don't ask who i am but i know for a fact that cristiano is NOT going out with anyone at the moment and jordana and cristiano broke up long ago so you hav nothing to worrie about

    by ? 2004-Mar-25 

  72. i dont think he has cos the papers jump to conclusions if u r just seen with some1 so there wud av been in the papers. weather he was with a friend or girlfriend.

    by Mistery lady 2004-Mar-26 

  73. To mystery lady that is sooooo true, the papers freak over anything and make it ten times bigger than it is!

    by ? 2004-Mar-26 

  74. thanx dont get me wrong some truth come from papers although not much, if he had it would be all over the papers and if he has he is still young a lot can happen as long as he is happy im not to bothered.

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Mar-26 

  75. have u seen her. shes a dog. why did he split up with her n when?
    2 mistery lady. wat makes u think he would not go out with 1 of us. how do u know how he is feeling n if he loves her . when u dont even *** know him. just cos he might not choose u how do know he wont choose one of us. who r u 2 judge.
    2 mari. who do u think u r. u probably dont even know ronaldo. your just chattin shit. if your portugues then how come you can write such good english. if your not bothered than why the f*** r u on this website or even think of coming on 2 it. u wish u had been on a date with ronaldo but whos the one whos dreaming know. if so he must not of liked u that much to be not still going out on dates with u.

    by tara n emma 2004-Mar-26 

  76. i hope ron and the rest of the manu lads do well today. i hope ron is single but even if he's not i jus hope he's happy till then i'll brush up on my portugese and look forward 2day i met him(which will b possibly only in my dreams but we all can dream)

    by amyjamie 2004-Mar-27 

  77. when did cris split w/ that jardel and how can '?' b sure. i lve cris more than life and would luv nothin more but 2b w/ him but if that jardel girl makes him happy or ne other girl he should b w/ them he owes me nothin and deserves 2b happy it's unbelievably that someone as skilled sexy and sweet and only 19 bein single 4 long. he's should b clasified a sexgod he is too hot 2b single! cristina wots ur webpage?

    by marly 2004-Mar-27 

  78. hi does ne1 no if there is a 3pg spread about cris in the official man u mag?

    by amyjamie 2004-Mar-27 

  79. Cristiano split up with jordana jardel in the early days of january coz she was cheatin on him? is she mad or wat coz who is better lookin that ronaldo?

    by ? 2004-Mar-28 

  80. As long as cristiano is happy with Jordana im happy. All girls just like him cuz he's got money and he's a footballer but its not about money its about trust and love. I would go out with him even if he was poor and didnt play football. He's so sexy. So i hope he has a great future in football and hope him and jordana are very happy together. I like him so much but i would never split him and Jordana up cuz he's happy and thats all that matters. Love you loads cristiano. love stacey

    by stacey 2004-Mar-29 

  81. cristiano ronaldo dos santos aveiro was born on the 5th of february 1985. he's sexy and great at football. he is 184cm and weighs 75kg.

    by stacey 2004-Mar-29 

  82. To stacey, cristiano is not going out with jordana, they broke up ages ago over jordana cheatin on him!!!! how many times do i av 2 say it?

    by ? 2004-Mar-29 

  83. to tara n emma i wasnt ****ing judging any1 i said he cud be wiv any1 includin 1 of us no it mite not be me or u i was sayin i surpose the odds are high it wont. who nos! it mite it will be who ever he falls in love wiv!

    by Mistery lady 2004-Mar-29 

  84. i dont know what to believe. i hear so many different answer's! i know for a fact hes not dating jordana but whether or not hes seeing someone now i have no clue. i dont think so because if he was seeing someone everyone would know about it wheether he wanted them to or not...face it hes a star,he cant run from the press. then again so mny people are saying they have seen him kissing a really beautiful girl....I DONT KNOW... ive confused myself all over again. i dont want him to be seeing anyone but at the same time i want to be realistic and see him happy.....ladies keep your hopes up, i know i will. one day we will all find our own cristiano ronaldo. lol....hes so sexy!
    -katia, portuguesa in toronto#7

    by katia 2004-Mar-29 

  85. all these are rumours, nobody knows whether these are true or not?

    by jj 2004-Mar-30 

  86. i dont see why ronaldo wouldn't have a girlfriend he gorgeous, but i have heard the rumours about him and lauren frain and this i think is totally untrue but i have been told he has a girlfriend called karina (i dont know her surname but it begins with f) my friend is friends with her!!!

    by kerry 2004-Mar-30 

  87. does it really matter if he has a girlfriend :? really !!!!!

    by Mariea 2004-Mar-30 

  88. i think that ronny is so sexy and he is 19 which is an age where ur gonna go out all the time and get off with loads of girls so he might have a gf but i dont think he will marry her because he is to young and wants to have a bit of fan. To the girl who send she went out with him until u show evidence no one is gonna believe u soz hun!!

    by Andrea 2004-Mar-30 

  89. i agree wit ya andrea!! he is young n a lad so of course he will b shaggin everyfin ... go head ronaldo lad lol

    just keep safe ronny :)

    by Mariea 2004-Mar-30 

  90. if he did have a grilfriend he wound of brought her over here when he moved wound't he? i don't know what to belive is trueor not?

    by kate 2004-Mar-31 

  91. You guys r obsessed. no wonder he dont like english girls!!
    have u guys seen the new nike advert.....cristiano is beautiful

    by kat 2004-Mar-31 

  92. aww yup he looks dead cute in that dont he aww bless

    figo dont look 2 bad either : )

    by mariea 2004-Mar-31 



  94. How am sposd to prove that i hav been out with him? this is da internet duh!!!

    by Saffron Lamen 2004-Mar-31 

  95. saffron has been on a date with ronaldo whether u believe it or not because i am her best friend and i know she would not lie to u all because she is as much dedicated to her idol cristiano ronaldo dos santos aveiro as u all are!!!

    by Gemma Marsden 2004-Mar-31 

  96. hey ppl i rekon ronaldo iz hot i got a pic off me and him hihihihihih noo he doesnt have a girlfriend my cuzn playz for the swedish team (ajax if u know who they r) n they talk to each other n he doest have a gf the model iz jst a good friend sooo if uz want ronaldos tops fotos email me byezzzzzz

    by amela 2004-Mar-31 

  97. ibrihimovic by any chance?


  98. yes he is going out with alan smiths ex girl firend lauren frain

    by danielle 2004-Apr-01 

  99. aye Saffron Lamen sorry 4 b nosey like but how much did you get 4 doin that video? :)

    by mariea 2004-Apr-01 

  100. to mariea, i dnt wanna go into 2 much detail but lets just say it was quite a bit but not 2 much.

    by Saffron lamen 2004-Apr-01 

  101. kerry..taht girl called really really is girlfriend ,my friends are friends with her!!!!and they were together last nigth in portugal cause she is portuguese,she told to my friends that she would sleep on his hotel to be with him!and nobody could see him with her..even the journalists!!!!cause she is his secret girlfriend!and do you know how i believe it?? i saw the both one day on oporto...cause she is from northen of portugal!!and girls why you don't believe it?? he is very hot so..must have a girlfriend!!and her surname is ferro: karina ferro!

    by mari 2004-Apr-01 

  102. welll loookkkk i fink i should believe my cuz wen he sayis that cristiano doesnt have a gf he wouldnt lie i might get his phone number n give it to u girls n ask him 4 ur self but i have to c if my cuz iz gone give it to me

    bosnian_hunii at if u guyz want to know what i look like or want ronaldos pics email me :)


    chat room any body? you can check it now or if nobody is there come back at 5pm Eastern Time .

    by amela 2004-Apr-01 

  103. ur all bullshit artists

    by mel 2004-Apr-02 

  104. Mari, why don't you stop lying and stop making these accusations, cristiano is in england this week and has been for a while because i live near old trafford and saw him drive off in his bmw yesterday, and he is playing in arsenal 2moro. and how come u got such gr8 english if u r portugese

    by ??? 2004-Apr-02 

  105. to Saffron, i now sorry im a very nosey person aww but i fink thats dead good u go girl :)

    by mariea 2004-Apr-02 

  106. well if hi does have a girl friend i hope she is nice and ute becus i am deply in love with him and i have bin for over 3 yers and when i meted him i did ask him he said no and a gave him a breasland that he has got on his hand i love him he kissed.

    by donna 2004-Apr-02 

  107. like most girls here i´m portuguese too. i´m 19 and from portugal. i´m a huge cristiano´s fan but is not the only guy on earth i mean is HOT SEXY SENSUAL... but he has a gf and is not none of us so please stop dreaming is not worthed. i would be happy if any of u send me news or pics of him and his "supossed" gf. adeus

    by ana 2004-Apr-03 

  108. it´s me again ana.i forgot something important my e-mail ana_cat_615 at just in case that any of u send me something about cristiano (and a new gf, if he has) news, pics,... what ever. and by the way adeus= goodbye and it´s after the fullstop so is not his gf name sorry.

    by ana 2004-Apr-05 

  109. yes cris does have a girlfriend.her name is jordana jardel.i've seen pics of them together!

    by saddia 2004-Apr-05 

  110. je ne pense pas que toute c rumeurs sont vrai et en tout cas je ne l espere pas de tout mon coeur car je suis folle amoureude de lui mais se n ai pas de la connerie c strictement la verite

    Mon petit cristiano j aimerai te rencontrer mais cela est-il possible???

    by marine 2004-Apr-05 

  111. 2 mari. i supose u know david beckham as well. prove it then we will all believe u cos at the moment u r chatting shit.

    by tara and emma 2004-Apr-06 

  112. erm my friend actually saw him da other nite in a club and was chattin 2 him and there was no sign of any girls wit him so sum of u peeps r getting ur info from liars!!!

    by katrina 2004-Apr-06 

  113. to admin, even if u get ronny's number it wud be completely out of order, if u just went and give it out to people, he deserves to give his number out to who ever 'HE' wants to not who u want to.

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-07 

  114. yeh erm hi, i think what mystery girl is saying is right because who eva is giving out his number is completely out of order and would make a shit! girlfriend. although i do have good news because my boyfriend who is called Raphael is his cousin and cristiano does not have a girlfriend at the moment.

    by Marina pereir 2004-Apr-07 

  115. Thanx Marina i just think no1 has the right to give out some1 else's number and when its some1 as popular has ronaldo's wud av calls none stop!that wudn't be fair!

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-08 

  116. 2 mistery lady. all through this web site girls have been lieing but u saying that your boyfriend is ronaldos cousin is the most bull shit i have ever heard.

    by tara 2004-Apr-08 

  117. my apolloges 2 mistery lady. it was formarina pereir.

    by tara 2004-Apr-08 

  118. to tara, u dnt no! about me and my life sooooooo dnt assume that i am a liar when you dnt even no me or my boyfriend, i personally have not met ronaldo but i assure u that my boyfriend is his cousin and if u dnt want to believe me? fine because i actually dnt mind! about ur opinions because i know the truth and u cnt act like dat...

    by marina pereir 2004-Apr-08 

  119. 2 marina. well its a bit funny how u havent met him. ohhh, what a coincidance. so u think u know everthing about him cos u u bull shit about your boyfriend. well 2 can play that game.

    by tara 2004-Apr-09 

  120. 2 marina. well your boyfriend is a sad ass lier and u should really think of getting a life.                         bye, bye.

    by tara 2004-Apr-09 

  121. well, tara tara tara, calm dwn luv well u should probably get a life if u think that u av any chance in hell with cristiano and u dnt even no my boyfriend so shut up coz ur chattin shit but datz probably coz u r shit!!

    by marina pereir 2004-Apr-09 

  122. 2 tara erm i think u need a big slap around da face coz all through dis website u have been callling peeps liars wen u r probably 1 urself and who da u 2 do that, it aint like ur royalty or nothing and u dnt no everything about everything! & ur probably 1 of those obsessive fans who probably fingers themselves about ronaldo lol!!! coz u will neva get da real thing!

    by marina pereir 2004-Apr-09 

  123. why does every1 have 2 lie i have never met him and the closes i will probally get is wen i go to watch united play on tuesday. see it aint dat hard to tell the truth

    by mistery Lady 2004-Apr-09 

  124. sorry marina i wasnt tlkin 2 u i was just sayin who ever does lie they no who they are i wasnt aimin it at u. SORRY. i no wat marina is sayin all tara does is judge peolpe

    by mistery Lady 2004-Apr-09 

  125. thanx 4 ur honesty mystery lady, i think ur a decent person unlike tara

    by marina pereir 2004-Apr-09 

  126. I heard ronaldo likes men, also he has aneedle dick? can anyone verify this top news

    by cd3tops 2004-Apr-09 

  127. Does any1 no wat religion he is? if u do please say

    by i wanna no 2004-Apr-10 

  128. i dont no but his lucky charm is a crucifix

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-10 

  129. i think he's catholic

    by marina pereir 2004-Apr-10 

  130. Hi, I think u's need to lay of tara coz she's just like all of us at the end of the day. She's a 'fcukin' Cristiano Ronaldo supporter and that's all that matters. Aint it? Lol.
    E-mail me if you's want any questions answered or just want a good gossip. My address is nemedlin13 at Love You Cristiano!

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-10 

  131. well i surpose we cud but all she is doin is bitchin if she stoped dat then there wud be no problem.

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-10 


    by Nicola 2004-Apr-10 

  133. ive just been reading this from march and just would like to say i think tara is hillarious - keep on puttin comments on here i was laffin my head off !!

    by the way i think cristiano looks better wid short hair and them noodles in it!!

    by Jodie :-) 2004-Apr-11 

  134. to jodie it may sound funny wat tara is sayin but if she was callin u it wudn't be so funny, i dnt see wat is funny bout tara judgin people she knows f*** all bout, she maybe rite bout some but how the f*** wud she no if dnt no them.

    I agrue wiv u bout ronny's hair although he still looks well fit no matter wat.
    As long as we all agrue bout dat then we all sudn't argue.

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-12 

  135. i wasnt avin a go at jodie it was just wat I thought bout tara.

    by Mistery lady 2004-Apr-12 

  136. óla. i´ve just read this last comments about cristiano (tara and mistery lady y don´t u stop with that). u all r so stupid i´m sorry 4 saying this but is true what is going on with u? i confess that his really really hot sexy gorgeous sensual and one of the best portuguese football players but please arguing with a strange person in the internet because of him daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!U ALL NEED TO GET A LIFE. every fan should be happy 4 him and should wish him the best even if he has a gf or not. there´s nothing better than be happy if our "angel" is fine too stop the fights is not worthed, i mean it. by the way has a portuguese that i am,i suggest that u should know more things about his language(speak a few words in portuguese, 4 example), his culture his country, try his favorite meal bacalhau a brás is really good,... stuff like that try to get him in a different way.jokas :)

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-12 

  137. i forgot something if u wanna chat with me, learn portuguese,... here´s my e-mail

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-12 

  138. There's a guy at my University who looks a LOT like Ronaldo. He's the same age as Ronaldo, but looks a little younger. He's got the same features but he looks like he will develop into Ronaldo! He's dreamy!

    by Joey 2004-Apr-12 

  139. I also heard, (this source by the way is the Daily 'lets put a dress on it and call it news' doubt it's true) way back when he was dating Jordanna that they were engaged, he wrapped his ring up with tape and that she was pregnant with his baby...then I hear he's dating Lauren be honest with everyone I give up. I've got more important things to do like getting a degree. Guess what degree i am studying? Journalism with sport feature writing.

    By the way has anyone noticed that this message board does not like capital letters.

    by joey 2004-Apr-12 

  140. I think the last few comments are spot on, was the point of arguing between are selfs we should be happy for Ronaldo whatever the situation.
    Come on starting from Now no more arguments.
    But.......I Love CRistiano Ronaldo.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-12 

  141. Love you Baby!

    by Nicola Ronaldo 2004-Apr-12 

  142. bout arguing i think that is best idea so far if any1 starts arguement i say ignore them n no1 answer them if they av a question.
    And im not sure bout the whole ring thing but he wore it again on saturday(weddin finger)
    some1 said it cud mean sumert else cos he is from portugal

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-12 

  143. he doesnt always wear it on dat finger

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-12 

  144. I heard that it is something from his family.
    But i know the's a love ring.
    And i have got the other 1.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-12 

  145. lol. does any1 no where i can find footage of ronaldo and klebersons singin press conference

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-12 

  146. aye joey get me his number lol pwez if ya crt have ronaldo why not sum1 who looks like him lol btw how old is he lol?
    like ya comment about the mirror btw very funny

    n not it dont likke caps dunno why :}

    by mariea 2004-Apr-12 

  147. ei girls stop dreaming with him..ok he is very hot sexy.sensual but he has got a girl....a portuguese girl and everyone knows not another girl who appears with him here in portugal...and like some girls said that saw he kissing the girl very true cause i saw too!!!but many girls don't care and say that it's liar...hey get up..he is one of the most beatiful man in the world OF COURSE he has got a girl!!!!!!and I really saw them ....a few months ago(maybe in january...after the new year)...i'm just saying the true and try to open your eyes cause he really really has got a girlfriend portuguese...that seems gorgeous!!even my boyfriend saw them and said that she is very beautiful ..and called her "the new victoria B."....

    by lara 2004-Apr-12 

  148. it is true... he does have a girl i saw him on tv in the news kissing her!!! IT SUCKS..... HIS SO HOT

    by blurt 2004-Apr-13 

  149. Sob, Sob. Lol.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-13 

  150. Well people on here say that he has'nt and some say he has.
    Some people want 2 believe he has'nt got a g-friend but others not.
    The people who don't want to believe he has'nt a girlfriend don't. Others that do then believe that.
    This web page is for all different opions on his relationship. Obviously some might be true others may not.
    Be open minded about the whole thing coz u don't have 2 listen to eevryones comments b-coz some might not even be true but on the other hand some will and if u don't like it then i don't think you should be visiting here. (Not beening Bitchy). LOl.
    Anyway Ronaldo's Mine!

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-13 

  151. i wudn't worry 2 much he is only young and will av plenty more gfriends its wat happens 2 every1.

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-13 

  152. i hope i av a clear view of him 2nite at old trafford cos im gonna watch the match i think, there pritty good seats.
    Hes So Sexy

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-13 

  153. i just wanna know if any of u have a lauren frain pic so that i can see her face. y the hell football players and male singers pick always models. they just disgusting with those big and artificial breasts k nojo

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-13 

  154. I think it is good for him to have a girlfriend that he loves, but i hope those girls that get near him not just because of his name and money. I hope he can find one that he loves and the girl loves him more he loves her:)

    by Myra 2004-Apr-15 

  155. i agrue

    by Mistery Lady 2004-Apr-15 

  156. i kno this is kinda ot but does ne1 here use the diego forlan forum that has a cristiano ronaldo section which is moderated by jamie the web address is cos it ain't workin. if u do use it does ne1 kno y?

    by shelza 2004-Apr-15 

  157. does any1 no where i can find video footage of ronaldo tlkin 2 premirship plus from tues

    by Holly 2004-Apr-16 

  158. there is a new forum plz join

    plz n thanx

    all about ronaldo

    by mariea 2004-Apr-16 

  159. no i've totally checked his new life profile says he's single at moment . I think he's tryin to concentrate on man u which he shud be doin of course ! he is to fit to not have a girlfriend 4 any other reason he's proberly tryin to find the right girl . Jordana is a fairytale and so is that so called 'mystery girl' she doesn't know anything bout footie anyway . he's mine ! e-mail me any way i wanna know more cause he is proper hot ( man u + ronaldo mad .

    by ronaldo chick 2004-Apr-16 

  160. Cristiano Ronaldo Doen't Have a girlfriend I know for sure because my dad is friends with the coach for the goalie of Benfica Moriara who is Very Good looking!! also I was with my Dad at the Stadium Stadio Da Luz and i asked about Cristiano and
    Trust me this Guy knows he Said No!! he Has No Girlfriend that he is concentrating on Playing and evolving more he asked if I wanted to Meet Cristiano when Portugal Played Italia and Of course I said yes I met him before the Game he is Very Nice and even Better looking in Person his smile is Gorgeus i ASKED HIM IF HE WAS DATING ANYONE HE ISN'T so there you have the TRUE!! answer he is a Big Flirt he likes to laugh alot He is a Very Nice guy i talk to him over the phone I look forward to Spending more time with him maybe i WILL Be HIS Girlfriend when I go to Portugal for The Euro 2004!!! Good luck Portugal.

    by Erica 2004-Apr-17 

  161. You're very lucky then if you have talked 2 him.
    The furthest i have got is meet his Mum and talked 2 his sister. But that was great. I hope 2 meet him in person very soon, but i'm not quite sure how yet! Lol.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-17 

  162. Oh, I love Ronaldo and i wish him the best of luck in his football career and his personal life.
    Love you.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-17 

  163. my bro is one of cristiano's mates so i see him quite a lot we used to be an item cause i lived right near im in portugal and now i live near im in england ! only just managing english ! so's cristiano actually . he is really hot pitty i didn't get the chance to get a little closer before it was over ! hes my age so u never know 4 the future we might become an item again ! and my bro said he isn't datin any1 4 now ill see him next week so ill show him this website if you lot want ! better get your emails in 4 im though ! x

    by kerry 2004-Apr-17 

  164. by the way my real name is katane and i do have a translater 4 this kerry is just my name in english ! x

    by kerry 2004-Apr-17 

  165. i wish im best of luck 2 wit his english and everythin if he gets better with that he'll av more interveiws !

    by becky 2004-Apr-17 

  166. here's his facts.

    NAME: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro

    D.O.B: 5th February 1985

    PLACE: Funchal, madeira, portugal

    STAR SIGN: Aquarius


    WEIGHT: 11 stone

    HEIGHT: 6ft 1

    SIBLINGS: 1 brother (hugo, 28) 2 sisters (liliana, Filipa (or Cátia) 29?)


    FAV COLOUR: white

    CRUISINE PLATE: bacalhau a braz (codfish)

    FAV DRINK: santal (regional fruit juice)

    FAV PLAYER: Luis Figo, Thierry Henry

    HATES: disloyalty

    WEAKNESS: very stubborn, worries too much

    STRENGTH: a happy person

    HOBBIES: going for walks, cinema, listening to music

    CAR: BMW X5

    by becky 2004-Apr-17 

  167. No Cristiano Ronaldo doesnt have a girl friend....
    sure Y wud he anyway......
    sure he's GAY.......
    he's just a little sissy!!!

    by John Paul 2004-Apr-17 

  168. No, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro dusnt 'ave a G.F, and dusnt go out wit' that ugly bitch Jordana Jardel, plus...shes really ugly to b model 2 tell ya da truth.. i read on da net that there just frends and NOTHIN more bcuz her bro iz his frend....
    he's just sooo hot and sexy!!
    i'll look 4ward to seeing u at da Charlton game on Tuesday!!!

    by Anonymous 2004-Apr-17 

  169. only in ur dreams john paul. there's no way cris' gay. i heard cristiano speak for the first time, on tv of course! after a match he looked and sounded gorgues i luv him even more and he's smille is sooo sweet. i think i'm in love...
    p.s and gd on him 4 focusin on his career.


    by angel rose 2004-Apr-17 

  170. no he dusnt have a g.f!!!
    I jus Love Cristiano Ronaldo, any time i c him mi heart keeps racin an im always thinkin of him,
    once when i got 2 meet him i jus fainted rite in front of him... and any time he cums on 2 da pitch mi hart races and i jus faint...
    hes jus sooooooooooo beautiful, hot and sexy!!!!
    (i think he shud make it in2 da premierships sexiest)
    hes just really Hot and Sexy!!!!!!!!!
    luv ya lots, cristiano!!!!

    by linda 2004-Apr-17 

  171. I am so glad cristiano is single i may live in harrow (north london) but one day we'll get married and you'll c me on the front of the sun jus j/k

    by mai 2004-Apr-17 

  172. mariea ur the greatest missed the forum loads what happened 2 da last 1?

    by shelza 2004-Apr-17 

  173. Does he bollocks! He's already got 3 wives, he don't need anything else!

    by Parker 2004-Apr-17 

  174. stop bullshitin

    by ???? 2004-Apr-18 

  175. ur a sissy john paul wots the point of bein on this website if your just gonna act thick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ??????? 2004-Apr-18 

  176. Hi, Kerry if you dont mind me asking but why did you split up. He's So fit. Lol.
    so do you think you are going to get back with him.......if you don't think he will could you give him my e-mail address Please it's
    cheers. Lol.
    Love you Cristiano.

    by Nicola Medlin 2004-Apr-18 

  177. we split up coz he moved but by the time i moved 2 england he woz goin out wit that wel ugly jordana but seen as hec has no girlfriend at the moment maybe . i'll try give him the email but he is really busy !

    by kerry 2004-Apr-18 

  178. Thanks.
    So do you live i Manchester Now?
    he's Mum and Sister are really Nice coz i meet them on Tuesday Night.
    He is really fit. How long did you go out with him for? And did you both decide 2 split up?

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-18 

  179. The only way we are going to find out the truth about Cristiano's love life is the man himself! That is hard for alot of us cos you cant just go and interview whenever you like can you? I dont believe what the papers say but if it is true what they say in them then good luck to him! As long as he is happy i am! <3 Anyone got any websites with ronaldo on? If you do please say! Thanks!

    by Laura 2004-Apr-18 

  180. I totally Agree!

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-18 

  181. i love cristiano millions and millions. i have season tickets at old trafford, front row, right by where they warm up. and yes ronaldo has smiled and waved at me! coz he loves me and i gave him a valentines day card. i gave it 2 his kit manager (albert) and he gave it 2 him, bet none of u girls did. im scared tho ronaldo has a ring on his wedding finger, hes engaged to some slut, plz tell me who...

    by deb 2004-Apr-18 

  182. yes his family are very nice . we were goin out4 a few month and no it was my decision. i know the truth don't listen 2 the paper's crap he don't av a girlfriend he ditched alan smiths ex and jordana and that mystery portugese girl u were on about cud av been me wit him wen he played 4 sporting lisbrn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by kerry 2004-Apr-18 

  183. he is earnin a lot lot more at man u and try iluvcristiano at .

    by kerry 2004-Apr-18 

  184. no he ain't engaged and i av a season ticket at old trafford , front row of strtfd end .

    by kerry 2004-Apr-18 

  185. he aint engaged no no no

    by becky 2004-Apr-18 

  186. same ere kerry but im on 3rd row up

    by becky 2004-Apr-19 

  187. How the hell are you supposed to give him a valentines card? He is Portuguese! I bet he can hardly read english that well!
    All you people that are claiming to of met his parents i dont believe ya! Cos they're in portugal!

    by Laura 2004-Apr-19 

  188. they r in portugal but i used to live there

    by kerry 2004-Apr-19 

  189. No i swear i did coz his mum and sister came and watched him play against Leicester.
    And i did speak 2 his sister. She understood quite alot, not loads though. She even put the letter i wrote 2 Ronaldo in portuguese in her hambag. I'am been honest.
    I know what you mean though Laura.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-19 

  190. i seen a picture of lauren frain in a magazine the other day and she is one ugly bitch, but if she makes cris happy then i'm happy for him coz i love him too much to see him all alone. don't worry girlz she aint got nothin on us

    by danielle 2004-Apr-19 

  191. Yea John Paul is right,
    Cristiano Ronaldo is Gay!!!!
    and yea he is a little sissi!!!!!
    like, look at his girly hair style,
    and the white tape he wares!!!!
    HES GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Mark 2004-Apr-19 

  192. How cum Cristiano Ronaldo wasnt in the Premierships sexiest players last night?????????!!!!!!!???????

    by Linda 2004-Apr-19 


    by DANIELLE 2004-Apr-19 


    by DANIELLE 2004-Apr-19 

  195. hey kerry, how u no he aint engaged? if he aint then y has he got a ring on his weddin finger, he definately aint married.
    laura, ronaldo has english friends who could translate the valentines day card for him, i know he read it coz i put my seat numba on it and nxt match he looked at me for bout 2 mins just starin!!then he smiled... he so loves me

    by deb 2004-Apr-19 

  196. omg i totally missed the sexiest players thing, who was in it?

    by deb 2004-Apr-19 

  197. he has a sore finger i think he definatly aint engaged coz he dont even av a girlfriend trust me i do know him wel , i used 2 go out wit him

    by kerry 2004-Apr-19 

  198. ur the only 1 whos gay round ere mark

    by becky 2004-Apr-19 

  199. leave im alone ere anyway try this :Now, news has surfaced that United's Cristiano Ronaldo is dating the former girlfriend of Leeds striker Alan Smith.

    According to The Mirror, model Lauren Frain - Smith's girlfriend since their teenage days - has turned her attention on the Portuguese.

    Five months ago, since the split, Frain has fallen for the winger, who is two years younger, while at the Manchester United Christmas party. They have since been dating since, despite the language barrier.

    A source told The Mirror: 'The minute she saw Cristiano you could almost see the electricity between them.

    'Although Lauren was with Alan for years, they outgrew each other. It was heartbreaking for both when they split up as they were childhood sweethearts.

    'But she's now over him. Lauren's beautiful and can have any man she wants but she's a one-woman man. It's still early days with Cristiano.'

    But a spokeswoman for Lauren played down their romance, saying: 'Lauren has only been introduced to Cristiano.'

    by ???????? 2004-Apr-19 

  200. y da f*** did that poof david beckam get the sexiest player in da premiership???? he aint even in da premiership!!!!!!!!
    cristiano shud 'ave got 1st place!!!!!!!!!!

    by linda 2004-Apr-19 

  201. All i can say on that is......hope he is'nt going out with her but if he is i will be sad but happy 4 him as well, coz all that matters 2 me and should be 2 all of us is that Cristiano is happy. x.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-19 

  202. Love You Cristiano.

    by Nicola 2004-Apr-19 

  203. leave the poor man alone u all know that jordana and lauren aint ugly there models how can they be . its his life and its up 2 im . u lot are just rowin over im and talkin crap why dont u give it a rest and let im get on wit is own live . its not like any of u girls r ever gonna get married 2 im face it . and get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ???????? 2004-Apr-19 

  204. UpdatedVisit the The Cristiano Ronaldo Fan Club groupy. Ask questions and post messages.

    I'm sorry linda, becky and the others it had to end at some point or the other. The discussion was running in circles so I
    simply put a limit.

    by owen 2004-Jun-29 

  205. No,i read in all sites he has not a girl friend.

    by Nooshin 2004-Apr-22 

  206. have you heard in the paper today lauren is pregnant to ronaldo

    by ella 2004-Apr-22 

  207. i agree with danielle she was in a magazine my brother bought and she said she is in love with him she is a aneroxic slag i am size 10 she looked about a size 6 the ugly cunt

    by ella 2004-Apr-22 

  208. han ser super bra ut!! he is so cute...

    by Kate 2004-Apr-22 

  209. hi peeps,

                    whos this lauren hes ment 2 have got pregnant?

    by emma 2004-Apr-22 

  210. óla again. how u all doing?fine i hope. i´ve been thinking about something that some of u said. i´m talking about the ring that u see on ronaldo´s hand, that´s not an engage ring. that´s a tradition here in portugal.i´m going to explane; when u´re dating with someone 4 a long time and it´s something serious, u and your gf/bf decide to let everyone know that they already have a relantionship with someone(i´m not sure but i think that in england u say that it´s an eternal ring but i´m not sure).bye and take care. peace.

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-23 

  211. Laura u cud of disguised urself a bit betta!!! i wud of at least cum on wiv a fake name!!! u neva told me u had written n e thing on dis board but i no its u... i cud spot u a mile off!!! lol... by the way guys, y r u all acting like u don't care if he has a gf??
    "i'm happy as long as he's happy!" WATEVA...u no u r all totally jealous really...i'm exactly da same xxxxxx

    by guess who? 2004-Apr-23 

  212. Well I don't really know anything about him although I am A man utd fan. What's so great about him? it's true he has scored a few goals, but then he's not as good as he is expected to be! Anyway there is a lot more in life than this idol right girls? If u kill his gf also, you think he would love you? U would go to jail and u can forget him man! All these soccer stars whether or not they have a gf, they sure do sleep with lots of women. If u wanna be 1 of them it's not my problem. And don't say Jordana Jardel is ugly even if she is his gf. She might just be a friend. Don't live in dreamworld girls!Get to reality! If u still insist, go and meet him, talk to him! I guarantee you he cannot speak a single word in English!!! All in portugese only! So if you want, learn portugese language then go please! Bye, girls. If you wanna be friends with me, e-mail me. By the way, I am a 14-year-old teenager from Sec 2., Singapore.

    by Fashirah 2004-Apr-24 

  213. óla. WHAT?ICAN´T BELIEVE THAT HE CAN´T SPEAK A WORD IN ENGLISH?THAT´S EMBARESSE 4 ME AND ANY PORTUGUESE PEOPLE. he could at least learn the basic daaaaaaaaa........ronaldo eu nao acredito k nao fales ingles por amor de Deus. eu sei k o meu ingles nao é o melhor do mundo mas pelo menos falo o suficiente para me desenrascar. se kiseres eu dou umas aulas em particular.anyway i don´t know if that´s true(hope not) his probably learning and by the way i´m dreaming with him i dream with cd(his an british r&b male singer) so hoooooottt........oh God .adeus see u later.

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-24 

  214. i forgot a word:i´m not dreaming with him....

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-24 

  215. you girls crack me up. anyway im hotter then ronaldo. J/K

    by john 2004-Apr-25 

  216. well i just want to say that i read some of these things that u people wrote and i just want to say that the thing that Ana Nunes wrote, that just becasue Cristiano Ronaldo cant speak a word of english that it is embarrasing to portuguese people. i dont understand y it is so embarassing( can u explain it to me)and i also think that he is a very good soccer player and a very hot guy. And a noot for John, u say that ur hotter then him, maybe y should send me a pic or somethin so i can be the judge of that.
    Thanx . Peace out

    by Christiana Garcia 2004-Apr-27 

  217. im sorry but chris can speak english seeing as he is playing for an english team.... not every1 is gonna learn portagese 4 him just coz his hot

    by blurt 2004-Apr-28 

  218. i do not know if is true or not that he speaks english but the truth is that the new generation speaks english even if it´s to say i don´t speak english. just forget what i said before i don´t care if he speaks english or not as long he plays and represents his country properly. és portuguesa cristiana garcia?

    by ana nunes 2004-Apr-28 

  219. I LUV CRISTIANO RONALDO 4EVER!!!! dnt care if he's got a fukin girlfrend or not but i kno dat hes da most gorgeous and sexiest player in UNITED!

    by mrs Ronaldo 2004-Apr-28 

  220. cristiano can speak a little english. when he got man of the match for the leicester game, he did the interview after the match, but he didn't understand when the interviewer said the word confidence.

    by john 2004-Apr-30 

  221. i thoguht this thing was stoppin :{

    by Mariea 2004-May-01 

  222. Cristiano Does Not have a Girlfriend he wants to concentrate on his career i know him he is a very nice guy even better looking in person HES SO HOT He is a Big flirt ESPESIALY WHEN WHEN we met and we hung out after a game in portugal but does not have a girlfriend right now after the season is over for Manchester United He is Going back to portugal and start concentrating in the EURO 2004

    by mysterious 2004-May-01 

  223. 2 mysterious. how do u know cristiano. i wish i did

    by lisa 2004-May-01 

  224. Hi,
    Did you read the article in the news of the world.
    I don't know if it's true even if it is it's up to him.

    by Nicola 2004-May-04 

  225. I heard about the article but i think its false and if it isnt then who cares. I dont see why this thread has to end if people still want to add to it!!

    by Emz_J 2004-May-05 

  226. hi !! i'm a french girl so pleaz don't pay attention to my english mistakes !!
    I was searching ronaldo's pictures when i saw a photocopy of this article !!
    It will be nice if someone can explain me in a easy english what's happened, who's this bitch and what's the journalist said !!!
    THANKS !! i'm shock !!!!! lol

    kiss for all !!!!

    by Jtm_cristiano 2004-May-05 

  227. i just wanna say ronaldo can have any one he wants (weather it's a girl or lad mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and for all those people sayin we aint got a chance wiv him, how do u know things happen. just because we aint famous or rich don't mean shit, like that girl in the news of the world she was in a restauraunt wiv her family and she wasn't famous but he fancied her and still shagged her. so stop puttin yourself and everyone else down all the time.

    by danielle 2004-May-05 

  228. oh yeah just for the record that sh*t in the paper about him and tht girl is a load of wank. i don't think cris is gonna be jumpin around on a bed coz it dunt exactly imoress the girls and as for fallin over in the shower she's just bein (no cursing) daft

    by danielle 2004-May-05 

  229. olá.it´s me again. olá nicola estás boa? last sunday was mother´s day here in portugal(i don´t if it was in your country too) and on euro 2004 programm cristiano danced the euro 2004 song "força" by nelly furtado, and girls what an ass, beautiful body and smile hmmmmmmmmmm :)

    by ana nunes 2004-May-05 

  230. i wish he didnt he is the best young talent in the world. Not just on the field.

    by luke charlwood 2004-May-05 

  231. Have you girlfriend?

    by Sophie 2004-May-05 

  232. i've read ronaldo is gay !! do you think it's right ?? i hope no !!!

    by jtm_cristiano 2004-May-06 

  233. hi every1, did n e 1 see dat story in the news of the world about that julie woman claiming she's slept wiv cristiano??? if n e of u cud scan it and send it 2 me, or know how i cud get hold of it cud u e mail me.... coz i wanna read it! i no it was probably lies but i wanna c it n e way my e mail is bubblegum14768 at cheers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    by Kati 2004-May-06 

  234. hi ronaldo is fit but have you heared about his gal im upset 2 lol candice xx

    by amy 2004-May-11 

  235. ohhhhhh does it really matter that he has a gf?

    by Mariea 2004-May-11 

  236. That julie slut is a lying bitch...Ronaldo has a got a girlfriend and that bitch wants him for Ronaldo's Girlfriend is very sad with that problems...!she is portuguese and her identity is secret..but some girls said that she is like Adriana Lima..and is true...cause my best friend is her friend..and I saw them last game in portugal for EURO 2004,she enter into his car and then he kissed her very sweet!!..

    by lara 2004-May-11 

  237. hey kati if u want to read that story, go to coz i joined and they av a copy of da story 4 u 2 read and pics of dat julie slut. its really gud u shud take a look xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    by Mel 2004-May-12 

  238. Hi! I'm one of the managers of Please all come and look at it and join! And e-mail us at ultimate_ronaldo at with ideas 4 the site! x x x x x x

    by ronaldo is a sex god 2004-May-13 

  239. hey......
    are them yellow hair extensions on ronaldo's hair fake ?
    I'm trying to get one in black but can't seem to find it........can anyone help me ?
    and what's the name of that ?

    by ricardo 2004-May-16 

  240. that julie slut...I can´t believe that bitch do that..!!anyway ronaldo don't have extensions..his hair is like that!But he still his girlfriend ...a portuguese model called karina(i think so)cause everyone says that she is like another model-Adriana lima(is very beatiful) much better than julie slut who only wants fame and money ..poor b*tch

    by kerry 2004-May-17 

  241. Cristiano Does Not have a Girlfriend HE IS concentrating on his Career all these girls that are supposedly his girlfriends are all Rumors i know him and he isn't Dating anyone right now so drop it and that he's Gay Not true thats impossibe and the Craziest thing i ever hear.

    by Mysterious 2004-May-17 

  242. yea but why aint julie's story true? there must b sum truth init, i mean yea she is a dirt 4 sellin it but t must of happined wether its true or not i dont really care :{ his life, his dick he can do what he wants wit it !!!!

    oh n u sud b able to get them extensions in a hairdresses

    by mariea 2004-May-18 

  243. My friend keeps telling me cristiano is gay bt i dont think he is cud sum1 please tell me the truth??? ..................... luv u cristiano xxxxxxx

    by Jess 2004-May-18 

  244. i know I think Cristiano is fit,and I read his fan site he was single,I pray to God he is and another said Jordanna is his girlfriend and had a picture of her,and it said they were married he is only 19 now try and make sense of that

    by louise 2004-May-21 


    by LOUISE 2004-May-21 


    by LOUISE 2004-May-21 

  247. Jess Ronaldo aint gay,come on,Mr New Beckham is not gay if he was,he would be battered by now,

    by LOUISE 2004-May-21 

  248. hello!!!! girls his girlfirend is not jordana ...his girlfriend is another girl..who is like Adriana lima..everyone on this site said that..everyone..probably is true..i believe..cause Adriana is so if that girl is like that Ronaldo must be happy!!****

    by anne 2004-May-21 

  249. At the mo i really don't care if ron has a gfriend. its only normal right? ages ago people wanted 2 c a pic of Jordana i heard this was a pic of her the one on the left of ron i don't kno if its true but if it her i think she's kinda pretty others said shes ugly but i don't agree . and anne so wot if the girl loooks like adrianna or if she's ugly cris mite be deeper than that and like a girls personality but every1 deserves there opinion. i jus hope cris is happy. i don't kno 4
    +ve if its jordana tho> jordana1ontheleftmayb? didn't wk heres the websdress> related picture

    by Angel 2004-May-22 

  250. yup yup its true im he's gurlfreind!! lolz heheh yeh i wish i hope he dosen't have one lol cuz that boi is mighty FINE and he's gonna b all mine!

    by i love cristiano 2004-May-22 




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