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written by owen on 2006-Apr-27.

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Image attributed to aletheuo. So anyway I watched Blade 3: Trinity, well all I can say is that it was not bad. However stupid but it still did not have the same effect on the whole "vampire movie" genre as the first blade movie. Remember the underground rave scene from blade 1? priceless. Its all about the blood, there is no need to be chasing anybody down any street or jumping from building to building unless your spiderman. The thing I hate most of all about the movie is that they did the same thing that Underworld 2 did in its last installment. Both movies and a couple others ( that I can't remember) managed to do the absolute worst thing you can do in a vampire movie. I mean if your making a vampire movie you know right off the bat that vampires hang out at night, they feed off blood and are descendant from the first vampire Dracula or whatever.

Vampires hang out at night - its a key plot piece. Now the important thing in a vampire movie - a golden rule - is that you never, under no circumstances kill the first vampire. Because if you kill the first vampire then all the other vampires would become normal mortal people - and that would virtuality end all vampire movies as we know it. So my question is why the hell do these recent vampires movies feel the need to mess up the story of all other vampire movie? I mean do you have to kill the first vampire? Why not try to write a good story for once?

I would suggest that you try to avoiding killing the first vampire at all costs. Its been done, look at great movies such as American Werewolf in England or even Blade 1 - both good movies that didn't involve the total death of the vampire/werewolf race. If you want to seem original and unique - get an original story. I know your trying to make a "epic" movie but you've got to understand that when your movie is based on a pretty established piece of literature you shouldn't try to mess it up for all the other people. Its similar to making a Romeo and Juliet movie where the young love birds decide not to take the poison and instead get married - thats just not acceptable. Blade 3 gets a 6 out of 10.

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  1. I didn't know about those vampire rules but I enjoyed all 3 blade movies--I guess I really liked the story line. In blade 3, though, I didn't really like how this whole team appeared from out of nowhere with a whole set-up and weapons and everything. It was too convenient.

    by Gods Child 2006-Apr-28 

  2. I hate the whole Blade trilogy. I think it's crap.

    by Kaschief 2006-Apr-28 

  3. Never seen it and after you have given it such a glowing critic I think I will pass. I am sorry but I doubt it has a bady quite as hot the original Stephen Dorff so why would I?

    by Gracie 2006-May-02