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written by owen on 2005-Sep-06.

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So yes the movie is pretty short. An hour and 10 minutes maybe. If you loved the first movie you will like the second installment. The transporter is back but this time he does little if any transporting. At the unset loyalists will notice that the car he's driving is an automatic Audi. What happened to the BMW or Mercedes that he was driving in the first film? The Audi is the first of a couple useless product placements including an ipod, hommer.

The main story isn't very deep but the action sequences should tie you over i.e. if you like fast, unbelievable and near impossible action. The action sequences (5) will not disappoint and probably are the only reason to go see the movie in the theater.

Basically, the movie is a virus-cure drama with a married love interest and a kid. The transporter spends a lot a time getting guns pointed at him but he is never shot. Expect to see a tall skinny blonde chick who gets to fire her guns ever so often. She is kinda like a mix between Tomb raider and Milla Jovavich from Resident Evil. She tries to be sexy but dies a rather sudden unspectacular death.

The final fight is as impossible as it is impractical. It ends and leaves you with nothing but the memory of the cool stunts. And at some point in the show the transporter meets up a on he a stereotypical rastafarian taxi cab driver with a jamaican flag covering the back seat. I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Need a transporter?

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  1. jason statham is the shit. he needs to be in a lot more movies than he has been.

    i saw the movie on friday as well. the movie rocked minus the outrageous scenes. the movie would have been a lot better had they not made them so far fetched.

    i was very disappointed when the car he drives was an audi. audi's suck ass. i owned an audi. bmw's are by far the better choice. expecially for the transporter.

    i need a transporter.
    whats the package weigh?

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Sep-06 

  2. Why wasn't the actor who played the Jamaican taxi driver not get recognized in the credits? I've looked everywhere to find out who he is with no luck. I thought he played a hilarious part. Anyone know who he is?

    by Bob in YVR 2016-Dec-18 

  3. Actually I do not remember much about this movie. Need to rewatch it. Maybe he was just a walk on.

    by owen 2017-Jan-16 

  4. Raymond Tong plays the jamaican cabdriver in transporter 2.

    by Anonymous 2019-Aug-29