1. Well, when I was a small child an operation was being performed to remove my tonsils and I had an out of body experience. I totally floated out of my body... I was able to see the doctor performing the operation from above his head. After the operation I was able to give an exact description of the instruments used during the operation...the doctor was in Shock and Awe!!

    by Charles 2006-Apr-29 

  2. Death and I dated each other twice before, both on occassions while I was coming from school. While walking down a busy main road one right, Death and another friend rode up beside me on bicycles and started asking me questions. I found it interesting that persons would generously feel the need to escort me down the road that night, until Death and the friend placed a gun in my side and asked me for my phone and all that I had. (Actually, come to think of it, it could have been a banana for all I knew - I never really had a chance to look. Anyway, if it was a banana, it would have had the same effect as a gun, because..) I got scared and handed over all of my possessions.

    Apparently, Death had liked our date that night, because only two weeks later it decided to make a rendezvous tryst with me and hopped on a bus with 6 of its friends and had a group date with me, and all the other passengers while on my way home from school. This time, it decided to show its affection for me by placing a gun to my chest (this time I knew it was a gun and not a banana) and death asked me for my phone (again!) and all my possessions. Well, fortunately, I had no phone to give to Death, since I had already relinquished it on our last date together. Therefore, this time I was only able to donate all I had on me, $60, which was my bus fare. I don't think Death would have wanted my school books and pens, so I chose not to hand those over. This time the date ended with Death shooting one of the passengers in front of me, killing him. I think Death is jealous of me.

    Also, I think Death is becoming too expensive to support, therefore I told Death that I will not be dating it anymore. Sometimes it still calls my phone in the nights, but I dont answer.

    by Kaschief 2006-Apr-30 

  3. Only in my dreams, never in this realm though... I'm the wuss type so no adventure over here.

    by OddOne 2006-Apr-30 

  4. Kaschief, you really need to stop going outside.

    The most dangerous thing I do is cross the road, I often drink out of the same cup several times and I also live without warning. I swallowed a piece of ice once and it got stuck in my thoat - perfect crime.

    by owen 2006-Apr-30 

  5. once I almost drowned.

    by Gods Child 2006-May-01 

  6. by michael_halvorsen 2006-May-01 

  7. My sister saved my life when I was 2. I fell out of my bedroom window two story's high, I was going head first for the patio when she managed to grab my foot. Now that's what I call lucky!!!

    by Gracie 2006-May-02 

  8. i practically drowned when i was 5.
    pretty scary.
    have been shit scared of swimming since.

    by me 2006-May-13 

  9. the closest I've come to death was when I was three I Almost cut my thumb off with a box opener.

    by jane22 2006-Jun-19