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On a good day Kaschief is single, male child, none, 37 years young, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

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music, books, writing...

Interview Questions

What's the closest you've ever come to dying?

Death and I dated each other twice before, both on occassions while I was coming from school. While walking down a busy main road one right, Death and another friend rode up beside me on bicycles and started asking me questions. I found it interesting that persons would generously feel the need to escort me down the road that night, until Death and the friend placed a gun in my side and asked me for my phone and all that I had. (Actually, come to think of it, it could have been a banana for all I knew - I never really had a chance to look. Anyway, if it was a banana, it would have had the same effect as a gun, because..) I got scared and handed over all of my possessions.

Apparently, Death had liked our date that night, because only two weeks later it decided to make a rendezvous tryst with me and hopped on a bus with 6 of its friends and had a group date with me, and all the other passengers while on my way home from school. This time, it decided to show its affection for me by placing a gun to my chest (this time I knew it was a gun and not a banana) and death asked me for my phone (again!) and all my possessions. Well, fortunately, I had no phone to give to Death, since I had already relinquished it on our last date together. Therefore, this time I was only able to donate all I had on me, $60, which was my bus fare. I don't think Death would have wanted my school books and pens, so I chose not to hand those over. This time the date ended with Death shooting one of the passengers in front of me, killing him. I think Death is jealous of me.

Also, I think Death is becoming too expensive to support, therefore I told Death that I will not be dating it anymore. Sometimes it still calls my phone in the nights, but I dont answer.

Which Celebrity do u fantasize about sleeping with?

Apart from those I've already slept with, I wouldn't mind sleeping with Denise Richards, Mariah Carey and Tyra Banks.

What does the internet need?

It would be unethical to say "more porn". So, I will take the moral highroad and say "less porn".

what is the reason that i do not try in school?

Don't sleep in classes like I did. And try not to get too complacent either. Develop good notetaking skills.

If you were of the opposite sex, would you marry yourself?

can we tolerate ourselves?

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Gracie answered: If I was a man I still would not marry. ... read 21 more

What's the closest you've ever come to dying?


written by Kaschief on 2006-Apr-28, Answer this question9

Charles answered: Well, when I was a small child an operation was being performed to remove my tonsils and I had an out of body experience. I totally floated out of my body... I was able to see the doctor performing the operation from above his head. After the operation I was able to give an exact description of the instruments used during the operation...the doctor was in Shock and Awe!! ... read 8 more

Traveling without moving » Educational Travelling

written by Kaschief, published 2006-Apr-09, comment

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The back of a seat of a bus in Jamaica.

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owen commented: I have never done that, really what prompts people to that level of vandalism? I mean on a wall with cans of spray paint is different but thats just childish. ... read more

Guestbook » Kingston, Jamaica

written by Kaschief, published 2006-Mar-25, comment

I came across yoursite today. And I've read through everything in your archives. Really love the site. I'm officially addik-ted. You're now my sole daily read. Now I know what digital weed is like. :-)

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owen commented: well Kaschief, I don't update daily so I don't know how that is going to go. Updating daily would drive me insane. Its best to check back on the next full moon or when it rains or submit some stuff to the categories. And as for the archives, I fixed it now so that it is impossible for anybody to read through it. ... read 3 more

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