How to make a good movie

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written by owen on 2005-Jul-13.

Good movies are R-rated. It is an unavoidable consequence. Ensure that you have a script for your movie and that you have read it and showed it to a couple strangers your pass on the street. It is preferred that the script for your movie be written by someone other than yourself and that it is not based entirely on a real life event aka a 'True Story'. Reality is boring and takes a really long time to unfold which is why movies based entirely on real life suck 90% of the time.

Select your actors. Ensure that they are not already insanely famous but preferably have never acted in a movie before. Using famous actors anywhere in your movie is lame. Unless of course you kill them within 1 minute of first appearance. It really does not matter who you choose as long as they understand that it is your movie and not a way to enhance their career. Make sure you train them in whatever they need to do in the movie, before you start shooting the movie. Watching old movies is not training.

Select your format, trilogies are pretty hot right now so you may want to write 3 movies but do not make it obvious that that is your plan. Avoid using Massive having a million nodes on screen does not make you movie "epic". Use computer generated graphics only when necessary and in limited amounts. The movie can be a love story, tragedy or a sci-fi action thriller - people will like it no matter how weird it is. Plus you can fix any mistakes you made in the first film when the second part of the trilogy is released. Do not be a afraid to destroy the world or have a sad or stupid ending. Be brave, push the limits, make jokes about my mother and the president's daughters.

Select your music. Music is essential to a good movie. Choose good, old, unpopular music. Do not enlist some hot new band to create a soundtrack for you movie - musicians know nothing about movies. Instrumentals are acceptable.

Finally go out and make your movie, no matter how crappy/voilent/antiseptic your girlfriend might think it is - she will be there with you at the award shows.


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  1. How do we get computer generated images?

    by JP 2005-Aug-17 

  2. definetly not a bad idea at all.

    by gamobigz 2008-Jul-29 

  3. 3/4 of this is wrong. First off, i don't mean to sound like a douche. the fact that you said only R rated movies are good is wrong. R rated movies are good, but not only them. the Stupid ENDINGS ARE ONLY IN 2STAR FILMS!!!! 2 STAR FILMS WITH CRAPPY JOKES ABOUT MOTHERS DON'T GET OSCARS! BUT THEY DO GET RAZZIES, WHICH I'M SURE YOU GOT ANYWAY.

    by anonymous 2010-May-04 

  4. and one more thing. have you ever heard of Ali, Ray, etc. they are biopics and they were nominated for academy awards. but with you, you just want to make movies just for the hell of it. don't you want some recognition so that people want to work with you?

    by anonymous 2010-May-10 

  5. If you checked the data of the original article, it was written nearly 5 years ago. Even so movies like Ali, Ray etc are produced on million dollar budgets and are often exaggerated for entertainment purposes. They are block buster movies which are written to be sold to as many people as possible so that it can make as much MONEY as possible. Either way its an opinion.

    by owen 2010-May-11 

  6. Real life or not, it doesn't matter dude. The most important is the script.
    If the script is awesome, so the movie will be nice. Doesn't matter whether real life or fiction.

    by a perfect director in hollywood 2010-Jun-01 

  7. this is a very interesting peice, thank you. im 14 and i couldn't think how to write my home work 'how to make a good film'but i read through this twise and put it in my own words and got B, Thankss!

    by sassy X 2011-Mar-06 

  8. should have gotten a "A"

    by owen 2011-Mar-10 

  9. Most every movie is taken from reality; I disagree that it's all boring, it depends on the character's perspective. Movies with a harsh dose of reality can be borderline between realizing you need to get your head out of your ass or they can cause you to fall into a tomb of self centered depression. Another thing, trilogies SUCK. Just because it's the "in thing to do" is not suffice to say that we should make a bunch of lame, pointless trilogies. This is where Twilight partakes, which was pretty much the worst God damn trilogy I have ever seen.

    by Abbeylaine 2011-Dec-21 

  10. im trying to make a nerf gun movie with my mates but while we have only got phone camears and when you play it back you can hear panting and everthing -how can i avoid this ??????????????

    by Alex 2012-Apr-22 

  11. you need a separate mic on a stick. a boom microphone.

    by owen 2012-Apr-22 

  12. I think the writer is 75% dumb.

    by Copia 2012-Jun-18