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written by owen on 2006-Apr-02.

I made some minor changes to the comment system;

Quick Edits: After you make a comment you can edit it by clicking the "Edit" link. Works even when you are not logged in.

Redux: You Name / Website / Email address is saved when you first make a comment or answer a question. So if you are in the habit of answering multiple questions you won't have to type that in again. Works especially for those who are not are not logged in.

Color Coding: If you are logged in and you make a comment it will show up in a different color. This however is totally superficial - not deep or penetrating emotionally or intellectually.

Pictures: You can now have the option to add pictures to your comments. Click the options text.

History: If you have made a couple comments you will notice is a link in the "message add successfully" box. Click the history link and you will see all you comment and the comment of people post comments after yours. Makes rebuttals easier to track. Keep the cussing out to a minimum.

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  1. Test!

    by stunner 2006-Apr-03 

  2. Kewl! I am happy to hear that. Bwoy, you are a codesharp!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Apr-03 

  3. Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

    by owen 2006-Apr-03 

  4. 3rd try to post a comment. What's going on here?

    by Gods Child 2006-Apr-06 

  5. @GC dear, are you getting some kind a error message? paste it in let me see it.

    by owen 2006-Apr-06 

  6. I got the error message at work--sorry I'm at home now. It said something about the photo being too large. So I'll just not post any photos.
    I did hit reply on the conf. e-mail I got when I registered--Have no idea if that goes to you--and I pasted the error msg. in there.

    by Gods Child 2006-Apr-06 

  7. I don't get those emails, I should fix that.

    well then the photo is too large :( , it only allows files up to 2 mb. use an application to get it down to a smaller size.

    by owen 2006-Apr-06