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On a good day halvorsen is male child, fulltime college student: kent state universty, oh, 38 years young, hangs around a place called "united states".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

i like pussy.


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Interview Questions

How can you mend a broken heart?

You have to find new ways to occupy your mind, and that usually means finding someone else to hang out with.

What does the sign say?

The sign tells me I need to visit your site more often.

What is important?

My mental state is most important to me. I've been reading a lot of Buddhist writings as of the past 2 years.

Should we continue to eat animals?

I love me some animals. I once thought about being a vegitarian, but it was only for 2 seconds. It wasn't much of a thought.

What is your powermove?

I run up the the bear, touch its ear to make it ogasm. Then I procede to throwing whatever objects I can find nearby the tree at the old woman until she falls from the tree. Then I hope to be able to catch her and if all else fails, at least she didn't burn to death, right?

What lies do girls tell guys?

So many lies. Too many to even list.

Is blogging dead?

I used to be an avid blogger with a somewhat active blog. I took it down. I made another, but took that down too.

Now I have another one up. Is it worth blogging anymore? Does anyone read this stuff anymore?

written by michael_halvorsen on 2007-Sep-19, Answer this question14

Shonari answered: i think that many people have lost the urge for a few reasons: 1. the blog world has become very saturated and your slice of cake is among millions of slices with each slice tasting a bit better, so you feel unwanted/unoriginal 2. many people are now using their blog to make money (adsense etc) and have totally diverted from the main purpose of a blog, to be a web log as a result the "blog" has deviated into more of a blogsite, totally remaking the phenomenon 3. so many people writing by the time you think it up someone writing about it already. i cud go on but ill leave sum for others ... read 13 more

The random photo journal » who likes organic?

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2006-Jul-24, comment

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Do you believe in organic food?

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Stunner commented: I guess it is better that all the fertilizer and pesticide grown foods. Natural is always better. But in these harsh economic times, my pocket can only afford the non-organic foods. ... read 3 more

The random photo journal » St. Halvorsens Day 06 Keg Stand

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2006-Mar-30, comment

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One of many keg stands I decided to do for my birthday.

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owen commented: isn't it a bit early in the day to be drinking? ... read 4 more

Are all girls broken?

I have recently come to the conclusion that all girls are broken. Am I right with this assumption?

written by michael_halvorsen on 2005-Dec-07, Answer this question14

alex13 answered: originally they all are, but some can be fixed! ... read 13 more

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