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written by owen on 2020-Oct-20.

2020 is moving all sorts of ways.  I had to look back at my previous logbook entry to determine where I am at in life, in space and in time.  Trajectory? What can I say we still here.  Live fi di summer. The confusion of the new normal is only going to get worse as people realize that they are wasting their time trying to avoid something that at this point is pretty much a part of nature.

I have been doing nothing but taking pictures since I got my new camera.  It is my new spiral.  I will probably break this camera before the end of the year - either by natural causes (dust, water damage, etc) or by eating too much fast food or being stabbed when I go out to take street photography.  Tried printing a few to see how it looks in the real physical world.  Print is a bit expensive but it's fun to see what people like in the real physical form.

I've been posting some black and white pictures on IG not because I like it but because its been a while since I wasted any of my time on building numbers.  Better go enjoy it while it lasts.  I think I got 5 followers in 4 weeks with 10 likes on average.  I estimate I have posted 150 pictures since I started on September 4, 2020.  So its kind of ok in comparison to FB.  I have pretty much given up on FB.  

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