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written by owen on 2004-Sep-05.

I rarely ever tell people what I do. Mainly because there ins't anything really obvious about being a software specialist. Usually I would say I'm a writer or journalist for a local newspaper - less to explain. I would much rather talk about you. Then at that point I pull out my digital camera which helps to navigate the conversation away from the topic of what I do. Most people cannot handle an in depth explanation of the inner workings a conditional loop. To most people software is microsoft word and a web site is used to check email.
I avoid the subject as best as possible, because people usually get confused and then you will try to explain and they get even more confused. I am in the wilderness, you are in the music in the nice car next to me. I am a good listener and I can argue on pretty much any topic except religion and the sponge-bob-square-pants. If at some point at topic comes up and I don't want to argue about, I just find a way to kill the convosation by waving my hands in the air like a monkey. Programming though something I do quite a lot during the day and sometimes as I sleep, isn't something I go around talking about, it's hard to explain it to people - it just something I do to pass the time.
I never had the whole "growing up to be an astronaut" aspirations in my head because I knew from a very early age that there was no air in space and therefore you couldn't do air stuff like breath or blow bobbles. I wanted to be a fireman. I liked vikings more than pirates because battle axes did more damage than swords and it looks better when it's stuck in the side of person's head.

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  1. i tell people i have a website and have made many in my time, but never do i tell them what the site uses or how it is all done. i wrote everything that my site uses on my own, but never will you hear me talk about it in person. i have no one to talk to about it with. at work, when i am given time to sit at my desk and do web work, i do it. i don't talk to anyone at my office about what i do to make it happen, i just do it. i am the web developer and programmer, the one who makes our website and the other websites we are in control of work.

    its not that i don't want to share what i do with people, i just don't hang around those type of people. i'm not afraid of being called a nerd, i just don't want to be one in my own eyes.

    btw, you rock owen because you completely change the subject and start talking about something way off topic!

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Sep-06