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written by owen on 2004-Aug-28.

I didn't even realise that it has been over a year since I started or unleashed this version of the web site. In my attempt at creating a simple web site even my mother would re-visit. Writing sweet little nothings. So it has been a year and not one piece of hate mail or assassination (!assignation) attempt, I think but I am doing pretty well. I can't say weather I have matured as a writer or as a person since last year or whether I have swoon any girls because of the web site but time will tell.
Marking the anniversary I decided to do nothing, to leave everything as is and be thankful that I made it this far without losing all my data or being labeled as "the guy with the silly little web site", mocked and laughed at as I walk down a crowded city street. Updated the user section - now the appearance option is actually useful to most people. Besides that everything is basically the same, though faster loading.
Obviously there is an endless supply of bueatiful single women (who haven't called me yet). Many with hidden problems and physico summer boyfriends bent on making your life a living nightmare. I know I don't touch you the way I used to, I don't call or write when I'm away, I'm busy.

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  1. i can say i haven't been reading your site for the past year, but i'm happy with it. its nice and relays your message, if any.

    i've had the version of my site up for just a little time, but i've been through many versions and many management systems, the final, being the one i made.

    its always nice to have a website and read stuff you've posted in the past. kinda feels weird reading some of the stuff from 2 years ago. some of the stuff i wrote from that long ago doesn't even seem like me.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-29 

  2. keep posting. i think bloggers get better as time passes and you develop your own style. happy first birthday.

    by doctord 2004-Aug-30