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On a good day Yamfoot is single, female child, who da hell knows????, hangs around a place called "grenada".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

Variety is the Spice of life


who da hell knows????

I'm a bit of a free spirit I guess. So I wander all over the Caribbean doing a bit of this and a bit of that, and nothing much of any one thing. For why?

Cause variety is the Spice of life!

Interview Questions

What do you do on your day off from work?

Go to the beach and listen to soothing music there. Tan only..I don't go in the water.

Why haven't you brought children into this world?

I wanted the freedom to be able to travel when I want, with whom I want. Besides, I knew my sister would be having, so that would be enough grand kids for the grandparents.

Plus I just couldnt picture myself pregnant, and I didnt want the responsibility. I also didnt have the urge to see what my kids would look like.

I will happily adopt.

Which Celebrity do u fantasize about sleeping with?

wesley snipes.
matthew mcconnoughay or however you spell his name.
keeanu out hell! i enjoyed watching him in Something's gotta give. I loved the fact that he felt comfortable enough to approach an older woman....hmm....wonder if that is how he would be in real life?? I really really like him.

Is it common that people pee in the shower when they go to take a bath?

when i was much younger, I did that VERY occasionally and I think it was only when I was in england and the living quarters in the hotel I was working in, had the toilets separate from the showers and it was usually cold there.

but i think most people do at some point or other. but for those cleaning it, it's not a nice thing.

What do women want?

dis here woman, if she were looking, would want a man who is sensual, spontaneous, humorous, honest, tall (5ft 10 to 6 ft is good), in great shape but not necessarily muscular like a body builder, has a decent job that he is passionate about, who likes nature, likes adventure, likes travel.

wow, that is a lot!

he also must be a thinking man, spiritual without being a religious fanatic. so he must understand that ther eis some bigger force than he and I.

What is a date?

I guess you dress up and go somewhere so it could be all of the above??????

I dunno, let's see....things I've done that could be qualified as dates.

1. Was taken out to Ward Theatre for a concert I think it was, by an older man. i was about 21 at the time. I had no clothes to wear and felt frumpish and self conscious in my red two piece skirt outfit.

2. I've rented a room at a hotel, for a couple hours, but we didnt dweet. Is that a date?

3. The worst date of all was my high school graduation ball. My date was a nice guy....I just didnt want to go and my mother and sister forced me and suggested that I asked him and because he was nice, he said yes. Again, the outfit was a disaster. Story of my life. Maybe that is why I dont do the date thing....dont like dressing up. So I just skip straight to sex.

OMG....did I just say that??????

The random photo journal » Brown Verandah Lucea Dog

written by Yamfoot, published 2004-Jul-07, comment

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Taken in the yard of my recently deceased Gran's house in Lucea, western Jamaica.

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The random photo journal » View from Brimstone Hill

written by Yamfoot, published 2004-Jul-07, comment

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It used to be used by the British regiment in St Kitts. Lovely views all around.

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The random photo journal » Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

written by Yamfoot, published 2004-Jul-07, comment

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The best beach in Grenada. Three miles of white sand beach and crystal clear water.

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Guestbook » Grenada

written by Yamfoot, published 2004-Jul-07, comment

Variety is the Spice of life. The more blogs the better. Visit mine.

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