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Should I allow my cousin to bring an unnamed, undescribed guest to my wedding? - Questions


Should I allow my cousin to bring an unnamed, undescribed guest to my wedding?

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written by Gods Child on 2009-Apr-29.

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Fights are breaking out in my immediate family over this. I think no. Other people have other opinions.
All I know is I've been starving to save for this wedding. She can go to hell.

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  1. is this cousin/guest going to bring a good gift? if yes then I don't see a problem

    by owen 2009-Apr-30 

  2. I doubt it
    she's more like a starving student type and so are most of the ppl she knows I think

    by Gods Child 2009-May-01 

  3. The answer in one word....No!!!

    by marangand 2009-May-01 

  4. The answer is no.....Weddings are expensive undertakings and you have to keep a tight rein on the guest list.

    by eqlektik 2009-May-02 

  5. It's your wedding, your rules, full stop!

    by Stunner 2009-May-02 

  6. thanks 4 the input(s)
    I feel like I'm being mean but I can't afford to be nice. Oh well. [indifferent]

    by Gods Child 2009-May-04 

  7. Congrats on the marriage thing!

    Tell her no re the guest. Tell her its too expensive, and you hope she understands.

    by mad bull 2009-May-09 

  8. Well, at the risk of being unpopular, I say if u wanna have that much control, don't give her a +1. But if u give a +1, it's tacky to specify that the person describe and say who's coming with them.

    Personally, if I get invited 2 a wedding with a +1 and I'm asked to identify this person, I wouldn't bother going. Cos anyone who knows me knows the type of people I associate with, so I'd take offense.

    by SE 2009-May-19 

  9. how do u give someone a plus one? If their name and their name only is on the invite, right, it's just them, no? The RSVP does not ask for a number of guests -just accept-decline.
    I think it's clear. We'll see what she thinks.

    by Gods Child 2009-May-20 

  10. Oh, ok. Well in that case, it's an invite for her alone.

    Sometimes I get invitations that will say "SE and guest" or the RSVP card will say +1 on it.

    If your card doesn't have any of that, then she should know better, and she's tacky.

    One of my pet peeves is ppl who accept the +1 and only give enough to cover 1 plate. WTF?

    If I ever decide to get married and have a big wedding, I'm having a wedding etiquette booklet mailed with my invitations.

    by SE 2009-May-20 

  11. you better not be joking about the etiquette book. Too many people have NO idea and it's partly their own fault but partly ignorance. It took me years to find out what M was for, or how much of a gift might be appropriate!

    She was asking in response to the save-the-date! If we have more room, I'll let her know though.

    by Gods Child 2009-May-21 



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