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written by owen on 2009-Jun-20.

i've been watching a large amount of the Animal Planet again. Not because none of my other movie channels are working and I haven't called the cable operator because I hate interacting with people that would allow me to live in pain and despair. Twits I'm looking at you. But mostly because I love the wonderful vistas and far-away-ed-ness of it all. I love whales and monkeys. Despite all my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage.

I keep seeing this cellphone network advertisement where the man and the woman are talking about 10 sprinkles on a cup of ice-cream. When suddenly, with the biggest, most ignorant smile on his face the husband take the jar of sprinkles and DUMPS IT ALL OVER THE COUNTER. I have never been so annoyed at anything not directly related to me as that scene. Its not as if I had to go and clean it up but its like when you watch a movie and a man gets kicked in the nuts and you feel it - even if you ovaries you should be able to relate.

I've been consistently bored lately, I'm not sure why. Maybe my head is about to explode or hurricane season taking too long to arrive. I don't believe in anything except bandwidth, All i see is HD movie trailers, I may need to go to rehab. I wanna be rich and I want lots of money. I don't care about clever, I don't care about funny. Cricket seems to be quite unpredictable today - who woulda thunket.

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  1. I love how the ice cream parlour guy asked what the man wants with the sprinkles after he threw them out. I love the look on the parlour guy's face. I didn't even realise what the advert was about. I think the advert was so ineffective, marketing-wise! I love wine, women, song and fast cars, if I am driving. Whales and monkeys can kiss my ass! Actually, I would rather they did not, but you know what I mean. I also love the far-awayed-ness of Blue Mountain Peak and the Grand Canyon. Everyone wanna be rich and want lots of money. Its not hurricane season I was wurried about, its mango season, but now that its here, I am making sure I get mine! All I see are ripe mangoes and girls in apple bottom jeans, and I'm cool with that.
    Personally, I care about clothes and fuckloads of diamonds, and I don't care about the things I don't care about, but do your thing, mi bredda. West Indies..... Furnishing Company! They are the greatest.... West Indies..... Despite all my rage, I'm just a rat in a cage.

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jun-21 

  2. 3 wickets in a over? funniest thing I ever seen.

    by owen 2009-Jun-22 

  3. I saw snub nosed monkeys on the travel channel.
    they were cute. Almost extinct though. They are in trouble.

    by Gods Child 2009-Jun-21 

  4. yeah its such a sad state of nature when beautiful animals can't even live in peace. White Bengal tigers are awesome!

    by owen 2009-Jun-22 

  5. That ad really annoys me too. Seriously. I mean, what a waste!

    by ruthibelle 2009-Jun-21 

  6. Americans and their wasteful ways!

    by owen 2009-Jun-22 

  7. Has anyone seen Madagascar 2? It's awesome!

    by Tami 2009-Jun-22 

  8. Of course I've seen Madagascar 2. I have a kid, don't I? Its a good show for adults too, but maybe if an adult doesn't have kids, they might not end up going...

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jun-24 

  9. I am so sick and tired of these animated animal movies. Only ones that are good is the ones that have Panda's and Penguin's.

    by owen 2009-Jun-24 

  10. MB I don't have a kid but was interested and saw it and fully enjoyed it. What's your analysis of that?

    by Tami 2009-Jun-29 

  11. @Owen:Too many choices you have. I can't remember the last animated movie i saw before Madagascar 1. Don't obsess and overdo it.

    by Tami 2009-Jun-29 

  12. I get bored, if its on cable, I will watch it at some point or the other

    by owen 2009-Jun-30 

  13. Madagascar was quite funny:)

    by Kalev 2009-Aug-28 

  14. soo cute awww i love this picture!!! And just think some people are stupid enough to hurt these kinds of animals

    by Cheerleader=) 2010-Oct-17