1. Not even on FB do i have an urge to give a status update every umteenth second.

    I'm hoping we get a massive power cut for like a week soon and all cell phones go dead.

    Suicides will be committed.


    by Tami 2009-Jun-01 

  2. somebody said it was alright, especially if you need to know news before everyone else does and then prepare your pr accordingly
    but for the average Joe, it's just another distraction
    I know I don't need one more thing to prevent me from working

    by Gods Child 2009-Jun-02 

  3. Never used twitter.

    by Stunner 2009-Jun-02 

  4. I think I wished people actually did the whole thing where they say what they are doing, which seems to be the point according to the video. :/ It's fine or whatever to use it for every whim of a though as I tend to sometimes, but I do like to know what a person is doing :)

    by Faith 2009-Jun-11 

  5. sounds stalkerish to me [misc]

    by owen 2009-Jun-15 

  6. I haven't fully decided yet. I'm out there tweeting around though, trying to decide. How about you?

    by mad bull 2009-Jun-13 

  7. it seems like useless chatter with no real way to follow the action if you look at it after all the action is over.

    by owen 2009-Jun-14 

  8. if you take to time to understand what it is about and it's uses TWITTER ROCKS! just use it as little or as much as you want to.

    by Jamaipanese 2009-Jun-15 

  9. blah, blah, blah

    by owen 2009-Jun-15