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written by owen on 2009-May-08.

Recently I've been falling back into my bad habits. All I wanted was to sell like 500 and be a ghetto superstar since my first album, Blunted. Oddly enough I haven't been inspired by any music lately. Not sure if it is the fact that I no longer have a computer or the fact that I was gifted a standing fan to blow my dreams away. I've always figured life was a sum of the the things you have and the things you don't. And now I have a fan - I wonder what I've lost.

You would not believe the stuff that I have on the back burner, festering in my mind. Frequent hand washing with soap and water may have also led to the lack of dreams. I know how it feels, you are not the only one. Or could it be that I've been reading 12000 lines of a single report? Light as a feather. Blank CD's are cheap.

Cancer for the cure. Cover mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing. If you use a hand towel or tissue to cough and sneeze, dispose of it properly. Do not use your unclean hands to touch your nose and mouth. Wash your hands after touching door knobs. If soap and water are not available, hand gels can substitute. Avoid contacts with persons with flu-like symptoms. Avoid crowded places. Avoid intimate contact including handshaking. If you experience severe illness resulting from flu visit your doctor or nearest health facility immediately. Really?

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  1. Have I mentioned that I love your banner photo?

    by mad bull 2009-May-09 

  2. yeah I think so. I currently don't have a camera to take new photos so people can send me submissions for new mastheads at owensoft at gmail

    by owen 2009-May-10 

  3. visiting your nearest health facility might make you catch something else right on top of your compromised immune system

    by Gods Child 2009-May-09 

  4. I sense that you may have a phobia towards hospitals. They are not all germ hives plus they have drugs for everything so it may end up being the safest place to be i.e. apart from on a beach. [confident]

    by owen 2009-May-10 

  5. Germ hives is exactly what they are
    ever notice more people die in hospitals than anywhere else? Compare with the death rate in your local bar. It's MUCH MUCH higher

    by Gods Child 2009-May-11 

  6. The fact that alot of people die in hospitals is a TOTAL coincidence. I'm sure if people start going to hospitals more often then they would develop a better immunity to them. Germs are infact everywhere.

    by owen 2009-May-11 

  7. what is meant by intimate contact, Owen? :P
    Is kissing still allowed?
    Oops....I forgot ur site is rated PG.....but then again probably not...just take a look at ur masthead
    I'll be sending a submission for a new one....

    by Jamila 2009-May-10 

  8. no its not allowed either, so it go

    by owen 2009-May-10 

  9. I think I need to buy one of those white hazardous material protective suits and mask when i leave my home. [hysterical]

    by Stunner 2009-May-10