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written by owen on 2004-Mar-29.

Blue screen stop error this morning. Seems like any and everything on windows platform is doomed to crash sooner, later or every 5 minutes. Whether you careful or not you can not hibernate forever.
Probably it was because netscape was taking up over half my ram or maybe I should actually shut the machine down every couple a days. It's a pain to restart, you'll soon forget what you were doing the day before and most likely take you a whole freaking day to get back up to date again.
However the install disk saved the day, a simple check/repair boot sector option did the trick. I wasn't so going to format the machine that easly. Before I do I prefer to search through each dll with a wordperfect in dos from a ram drive or eat my own head.
Lesson learned: formating is the last option. One should keep a cool head an consider the options at hand.
And for the other none geek if you haven't been to the flash workshop archives or the chatroom go there now.

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