flash project

And then there was flash.

In this section you'll find various, incomplete and often meaningless flash SWF files. These animations / movies are old, some from 3 years ago. Don't be impressed by them, they are here simply for demonstration purposes. Mostly for the people who have already started using the application and who have a clue. I for one have discontinued my flash work almost totally (I became uninspired).

The Flash Scrapbook (1999 - 2002)

Directorys 30, Files 265

Submit comments and questions to owensoft at yahoo dot com. FLA files might be available upon request.

Updates 10/5/2003

  • I have noticed some problems with flash player 7 on ns complaint browsers. It seems that the plugin doesn't like my action script. I haven't bothered to figure out why though.
  • The list is now static. Since it won't be changing much and now you can see the actual dates the swf files were last modified. (uploading erased the modify dates so this is a list generated on my computer). If you want the php code that makes the list send me an email.
  • I was planning on putting actual descriptions for what I was trying to achieve for each file but that will have to wait until some other time.