1. We probably shouldn't but its so much fun!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Aug-04 

  2. ...and yeah, the cookies ar working for me now! Yeah!!!!! Thanx, Owen!

    by Mad Bull 2006-Aug-04 

  3. yeh if animals weren't meant to be eaten why do they taste so good?.. uh huh.. my thoughts exactly man

    by taylor 2006-Aug-04 

  4. I really don't think so but its so hard to give up believe me i'm trying...

    by smallislandgirl 2006-Aug-05 

  5. I love me some animals. I once thought about being a vegitarian, but it was only for 2 seconds. It wasn't much of a thought.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Aug-06 

  6. WEll, I can actually pass up the animals. I only like chicken and fish, and sometimes I think I can pass on those too.

    by Gelas Words 2006-Aug-07 

  7. Yes. Look at a calf the next time you see one. Look at that cute face and then imagine it on your plate.

    Also, think about all the carcinogens that meat is leaving in your body. Also meat takes a toll on your cells. Do you know that beef stays in your body for 14 days?

    I saw pigs being killed when I was a teenager. It didn't have an effect on me then. In fact, pork was my favourite food. But now that I have been meatless for about a year, I can look back and say that it was sad watching those cuty pies having a knife slit their throat, having hot water poured over their skin and then all the hair skinned off. Imagine that being done to you!

    Alright, you know the worse people to talk about vegetarianism are the newly converted! So sorry about my ramblings. But try meatless for a day, a week, a month, and you can see that you can do it!

    by Yamfoot 2006-Aug-15 

  8. I bet that face would taste good! I was in charlotte last week and we ate crocodile REALLY GOOD chewy but a lot like chicken!

    by jane22 2006-Aug-18 

  9. Alright alirhgt alright that's exactly what I needed!

    by Wimpy 2012-Jan-10