1. originally they all are, but some can be fixed!

    by alex13 2005-Dec-08 

  2. whoah. I'm so not answering that.

    by Hayo 2005-Dec-08 

  3. Let me just say, that apart from a few hacking guides, I haven't come across the API documentation yet.

    by Arie 2005-Dec-08 

  4. Halvorsen is obviously a brave man. ;-)

    by mad bull 2005-Dec-08 

  5. I plea the fifth.

    by Stunner 2005-Dec-08 

  6. Some of them are, while some are cool.

    by charmat 2005-Dec-08 

  7. no--not all girls are broken. I , for one, am in mint condition. But maybe the answer is in you--why did you choose these girls? Did they maybe have something in common with each other? If you can find a common characteristic avoid it like the plague from now on.

    by Gods Child 2005-Dec-13 

  8. @Gods Child I totally thought you were a guy from techja. when did you become a girl?

    by owen 2005-Dec-14 

  9. yes, they are.

    by t 2006-Jan-02 

  10. I'm most definately broken!!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-19 

  11. after further research I can conclude that girls are indeed pretty broken souls

    by owen 2006-Jun-04