Is blogging dead?

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written by michael_halvorsen on 2007-Sep-19.

I used to be an avid blogger with a somewhat active blog. I took it down. I made another, but took that down too.

Now I have another one up. Is it worth blogging anymore? Does anyone read this stuff anymore?

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  1. i think that many people have lost the urge for a few reasons:

    1. the blog world has become very saturated and your slice of cake is among millions of slices with each slice tasting a bit better, so you feel unwanted/unoriginal

    2. many people are now using their blog to make money (adsense etc) and have totally diverted from the main purpose of a blog, to be a web log as a result the "blog" has deviated into more of a blogsite, totally remaking the phenomenon

    3. so many people writing by the time you think it up someone writing about it already.

    i cud go on but ill leave sum for others

    by Shonari 2007-Sep-18 

  2. because you have something to say
    need to get it out there
    want to interact with your visitors
    want to learn something new
    need to remember the past

    that's why I blog

    4 years at the end of this month--there are things in there I would never have remembered if I never wrote them down. I feel like I know people I never would have met otherwise.

    by Gods Child 2007-Sep-19 

  3. Well judging by the comments on your blog, people do read it. I have lost somw of the urge to blog. I have been busy, then when I get some time I feel so lazy. But I feel a blog is a mdeium to express yourself and interact with others of similar interests. So as long as you have the urge to share your thoughts you will blog and people will read.

    by Stunner 2007-Sep-19 

  4. I've lost a bit of the urge, because blogging is becoming so mainstream. People are using blogs as free websites. And as Shonari said, it is becoming saturated.

    by Leon 2007-Sep-19 

  5. personaly i see blogging has having cyber buddies with whom i interact with at another level at times you just don't feel the vibes to write but, you'll read and you'll comment and that within itself is an important part of blogging not just the, you writing ... but the reading and the commenting. So whenever your in the doldrums reading couple articles especially from those you ineract with most, tend to get you thru the day. So blogging is just a way of "having cyber friends" [sceptical]

    by bobby 2007-Sep-20 

  6. There are times when I'm busy and I don't get to blog as often, but it's funny that when I don't I get emails from folks asking if I'm ok.

    I've met some cool peeps from my blogging days and will prolly meet a few more when time and circumstances permit.

    I think people read blogs that they find interesting and that aren't too commercial i.e. things they can relate to...some of my favorite blogs are written by people who're just talking about the everyday things that happen in their lives.

    You gotta have the passion for it.

    by Movin On Up To A C-Cup 2007-Sep-20 

  7. exactly.. and.. to add to that i love you username.. :D.. i wrote a song for you

    jiggaaalee cups jiggaaaaleeeee cups.

    thank you thank you *takes a bow*


    by taylor 2007-Sep-22 

  8. blogging isn't dead never will be either. as long as people ramblementally and use the internet blogging will live on.. I"ve been blogging for maybe 2 years and some change.. i dont feel unwanted or unused ne more. ma stats proves it. if i feel to take a break i do.. but generally i dont.. blogging it self is just fun for me. and i welcome the new blogs. its something more to read.. thats about it.

    by taylor 2007-Sep-22 

  9. I tried blogging at the start but it didn't work out. I didn't have the life style for it. I still appreciate other people's blogs though.

    by owen 2007-Sep-22 

  10. I blog because i have a lot of drama in my life and i need to tell others about my experiences, even if it doesnt matter to them. I read other peoples blogs because theyhave drama owen and SE and Adrian etc. Blogs are fun...the real life ones that is.

    by Tami 2007-Sep-25 

  11. drama? what you talking about there is no drama here!

    by owen 2007-Sep-26