1. why r u lynching santa?

    by Gods Child 2007-Dec-12 

  2. we've grown up and lost all our christmas spirit

    by owen 2007-Dec-13 

  3. I am not a Santa fan but that look so wrong .... some body is going to get the willies this christmas [hysterical]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-12 

  4. everybody seems to think its climbing a rope

    by owen 2007-Dec-13 

  5. Gas price gone up and di reindeer dem on strike! For the first time ever, I won't be able to deliver the toys to the kids! I can't take it!!! Goodbye, Cruel World! GnnnURK!!! Ugnnhhh!

    by mad bull 2007-Dec-12 

  6. no body is giving santa any presents so hes calling it quits

    by owen 2007-Dec-13 

  7. isn't he climbing?

    by Nadz 2007-Dec-14 

  8. you have no imgination [sorry]

    by owen 2007-Dec-22 

  9. a heng 'im a heng!! to rah!

    by Aurie 2007-Dec-14 

  10. Mission Impossible: The Christmas Edition

    by Simplenigma 2007-Dec-14 

  11. we think alike. which means your a geek. lol. :p

    by taylor 2007-Dec-18 

  12. Santa said, "Shit! I should have taken a ladder!"

    by Stunner 2007-Dec-14 

  13. I bet he thinks he's just "hanging around" uhh.

    by Tami 2007-Dec-18 

  14. He's being lynched 'cause he's black.

    by Leon 2007-Dec-20 

  15. lol@ MB and Stunner

    by marangand 2007-Dec-21