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written by owen on 2007-Aug-12.

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I've been purposely keeping my beard uncut and bushy for the pass month. You'd be suprised how fast my hair grows and how much money the barber makes off me every 2 weeks. I planned to keep it until people stopped begging me money on the street and church girls stop trying to save me from damnation. Not that I'm on the path to damnation but I do have that care-free-nerdy look. Too easy a target.

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  1. Way tooo much lips dude .... needed to get the beard in the centre, that is how the eyes focus

    by bobby 2007-Aug-13 

  2. you have pretty lips if i may say so.

    by Gish 2007-Aug-13 

  3. [friendly]Pic looks ok Owen but u need to lose the hair. Its not about how much money you pay the baber. Think about it as grooming to make you look good and handsome...

    by Melly 2007-Aug-13 

  4. yeah.....i was thinking like Gish...nice lips!!! personally i dont like busghy umkempt beards....but instead of paying your barber since it grows so fast....although i would expect that after one mth it would be higher than the pic shows...get a shaver that way you can keep it groomed every day or every other day... [mocking] all by yourself!!!

    by marangand 2007-Aug-13 

  5. did i mention nice lips!

    by marangand 2007-Aug-13 

  6. Nice lips owen. But seriously lose da HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Nanabella 2007-Aug-13 

  7. no comment! [indifferent]

    by Island Spice 2007-Aug-13 

  8. mi a roll tuggie tuggz same way. even as a branch manager, i don't particularly care if i am supposed to be clean cut. dem hafi know seh jamaicans do tings a little different. so after all is said and done....gwan king...rasssss it up!!! lol...i'm crazy.

    by Aurie 2007-Aug-16 

  9. I love the hair. I haven't seen many black men with facial around here.

    by Faith 2009-Jun-11