What would you do if you found out your child is GAY?

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written by Mad Bull on 2007-Dec-04.

Yeah, ok, I steal di question. It was asked by Rootz Girl over by Yardflex, but then, I think its a good question and I don't think anyone can take out a patent on a question! Can they? Anyway, until I find out that they can...

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  1. Oops! That should be "YOUR child is gay", not Our child...

    by mad bull 2007-Dec-07 

  2. wow, are you suggesting that you claim amnesia and totally disown the child. your a meany

    by owen 2007-Dec-07 


    by Bigz 2007-Dec-07 

  4. Well, that's the child decision to make. If he/she decides to walk down that path, then that is his/her decision. But he/she would have to understand that I would not support it, in no way!

    by Stunner 2007-Dec-07 

  5. Well, I'd try to counsel him or her out of it. That or totally disown.

    by Leon 2007-Dec-08 

  6. ....seriously MB what a question... the age of the child would help a lot in "how I am hoping I would react" ... this is no joking matter .. so here goes: in his teens to about 22 i would not entertain close contact but would still contribute to his education and the necessary support required. if it is after he is older than 22 - 32then he on his own big time mek him man mind him... and all contact end where i am concerned older than 32 he don't come by my Home none at all .. his mother go and visit him if she needs to see him. If his mother dies before us or i path ways with her then i won't be having that son any more [trouble] [hysterical]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-08 

  7. it's sad that even in our day and age, we are still forced to live with utter bigots...

    "counsel him out of it"... "totally disown"... what is this, the 15th century?!?!

    by grr 2007-Dec-09 

  8. hey everyone has a right to choose, you choose to be, we choose not to be a part of.... simple as that.

    by bobby 2007-Dec-09 

  9. bobby: that's a very nice way of describing bigotry. I guess you'd be OK with, say, racists using the same ridiculous argumentation? "I don't like blacks. Everyone has a right to choose, so I choose to be racist!" ... maybe you see how stupid that reasoning is?

    Luckily, the world is moving on from such hatred, both of colour, and of sexual preference.

    by grr 2007-Dec-10 

  10. Yes ... i support any white man who doesn't want to like a black man ... it is how he responds to that dislike that makes the difference (which is being racist).. and you don't need to be "patronising" just call it as you wish. The difference between you and i, is that i am not into name calling. Why would i want to force some one to like me... all i need is that you respect me for who i am. If i CHOOSE to withdraw myself from anyone who is gay and not be friends does not mean i will ... 1. try to hurt the person ... 2. want to cause that person grief and suffering ... 3. nor would i try to deny them of whatever rights they are entitled to ... BUT I DON"T HAVE TO LIKE THEM NOR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE SOME THING I DON'T BELIEVE IN!!!!!!!!!! [upset]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-10 

  11. grrr...urr grreeaat. Couldnt say it better myself. But to actually answer the question, i'd say...really? Cool, me too!

    by Tami 2007-Dec-10 

  12. why you encouraging the man ... cho [trouble]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-10 

  13. Actually, grr, I remain unconvinced that the world is moving on from such hatred (colour). It seems to me that in the U.S., they like to pretend we're moving away from it, and for sure, some steps have been made towards that, but nowadays, it looks like we are moving backward to me.

    by mad bull 2007-Dec-10 

  14. But MB isn't there a difference between hating a particular behavior versus hating a person per se whether he gay, black or yellow. I don't hate any one i would never attempt to malign anyone because of who they are i just choose not to share my space of comfort and leisure with gays ... because i hate what gays do. In other words if i was to see a known gay man in danger of dying i can assure you i would render him assistance immediately. Unlike those so called "world" grrr is talking about ..

    by bobby 2007-Dec-10 

  15. Mi head woulda hurt mi worse than it does now. After I calm down, I would love my child through the whole thing. But I am saying that now because I know deep down that I have alot of issues with the subject matter. So I am very much on the fence about the topic at this point.

    by Aurie 2007-Dec-14 

  16. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't understand questions like these...

    I'd love my child just like I always love them. Granted, I wouldn't agree with their lifestyle, but to disown something that came from me that I had to push out God-knows-how-many-hours in labour? Not a blurtneet.

    People don't disown their fornicating, adultering - even murdering children, and those are sins too, right? Last time I checked there was no little sin and big sin.

    I won't agree with my kid's lifestyle, but very little would change in my relationship with him/her.

    by Simplenigma 2007-Dec-14 

  17. Bwoy, MB see what you start!!! As much as i always call Bobby gayphobic i have to agree with his stance here, not as it relates to the question, but more the discussion b/n him and GRR....MAn i was just checking out Owens facebbok page and surfed on over to see the answers to this question.....I havent been on blogs in how long!!!
    And re the question i am with SE.....I wudda love them (daughter or son) same way!!!!wud have to hide the son from the father though!!!!

    by marangand 2007-Dec-20 

  18. i would ask them why they are gay and if no thats fine but if yes you should love them for who they are!

    by little mop 2007-Dec-23