1. this has got to be the dullest photo ever

    by owen 2007-Dec-04 

  2. yeah, not very inviting at all

    by marangand 2007-Dec-04 

  3. guess it got you all a talking so ...mmmmmm [trouble]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-04 

  4. there should be a rating system so that we can give this one an F

    by owen 2007-Dec-04 

  5. i know some photo that couldn't make it pass 4 comments this got 6 so far and counting... [nive]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-08 

  6. it works the opposite way for a bad photo. in a bad photo the more more comments you get the worst it is! [confident] yup.

    by owen 2007-Dec-10 

  7. So i guess you got a lot of very bad photos on your blog then based on your reasoning [shocked2]

    by bobby 2007-Dec-10 

  8. Needs a lot more action man.

    by Leon 2007-Dec-08