1. Well, if the baby and the supposed father doesn't look alike and the post both baby and baby-daddy pics then everyone will know seh a jacket! :)

    by Stunner 2007-Oct-16 

  2. not sure who is the daddy ... i think

    by bobby 2007-Oct-17 

  3. Or sure who it is but actually pinning it on 2 or 3 different gents who had nothing to do with the baby but everything to do with a fat pension and a juicy bank account while legitimate Pops is poor as a churchmouse.

    by Gods Child 2007-Oct-17 

  4. LOL LOL @ Gc: never wanted to say all that then be charged for being a sexist

    by bobby 2007-Oct-17 

  5. I get called sexist all the time but course I'm not chicken. Is this why nobody is answering my question? come on people since when is honesty not the best policy?

    by owen 2007-Oct-18 

  6. hey, drastic times call for drastic measures. These ladies got to be drastic. Men need to think with their brains about the type of women they sleep with.
    It's not sexist if you call a spade a spade.

    by gods child 2007-Oct-18 

  7. The baby fathers are estranged from the baby mothers, so they don't have no pictures of them. Its either that or they are all virgin births or clone babies. Take yu choice, de whole of dem nice.

    by Mad Bull 2007-Oct-18 

  8. no, I doubt they are estranged. Its something else, something that I'm can't deduce

    by owen 2007-Oct-18 

  9. owen
    I've tagged you in hopes you will finally one day do a meme. You can switch it around and tell 7 normal things about you--how's that [nive]

    by Gods Child 2007-Oct-19 

  10. yes ..owen...please...we want to know some more bout u

    by marangand 2007-Oct-19 

  11. ok, ok, what do you want to know? as long as I don't have to do a meme

    by owen 2007-Oct-19 

  12. The language of Owen cluck cluck cluck ...squawkkkkk *he then flaps his wings... LOL LOL [misc]

    by bobby 2007-Oct-20 

  13. Dont want you to be restricted by questions asked, thats why you need to do the can call it another name!! calling him chicken??????

    by marangand 2007-Oct-20 

  14. really I don't mine the restriction at all

    by owen 2007-Oct-20 

  15. yep seeing he said he ain't none but then maybe is just a bag a mouth that... [innocent]

    by bobby 2007-Oct-22 

  16. uhmm, re the question...maybe the daddys are just sperm donors and not really a significant part of the mom's life!!! or as MB sey, dem bruck up and hence they dont proudly display their pics

    by marangand 2007-Oct-20 

  17. I suppose the moms and dads are in problems, so they exclude them from the pics.

    by Leon 2007-Oct-22 

  18. nope doubt that. plus who would breed a girl and leave her before the baby due?

    by owen 2007-Oct-23 

  19. where are you from Owen??? THat happens here all the time!

    by marangand 2007-Oct-24 

  20. I know these women tend to love to date assholes. But even as much of an asshole that I am I'd never leave my baby mother before the baby can even talk. It naw just mashup just so, she'd have to give me a refund!

    by owen 2007-Oct-25 

  21. i just thought of something...maybe just maybe the mother don't know who the baby daddy therefore don't want to put the jacket on the wrong daddy! [mocking]

    by marangand 2007-Oct-23 

  22. you are so late...

    by Minoramp 2007-Oct-23 

  23. mi neva re-read mi neva see sey u said it first!!!!! Llow me nuh

    by marangand 2007-Oct-23 

  24. haha ahhahh ha but I'm sure that not all the girls are promiscuous so that wouldn't hold up

    by owen 2007-Oct-23 

  25. how about this
    the fathers don't like to be photographed.
    It's not a jacket but they don't want their wife to find out just yet that they have a baby on the side!

    by Gods Child 2007-Oct-24 

  26. I think its a pricacy thing because I've seen a case where a married couple in which the wife no have no picture of the father in her profile but the father have nuff picture of the wife and him talk bout how him glad say the baby get "her looks". Maybe the fathers ugly?

    by owen 2007-Oct-25 

  27. FATHERS ARE FUCKTARDS... simple.

    by OddOne 2007-Oct-25 

  28. LOL @ God's Child!

    by mad bull 2007-Oct-25 

  29. little known fact: baby's are born looking like their fathers to encourage bonding. [innocent]

    by Island Spice 2007-Oct-26 

  30. yeah but what does that have to do with the queston at hand?

    by owen 2007-Oct-26 

  31. Serioiusly what that has to do with the question on hand???? [indifferent]

    by bobby 2007-Oct-27