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On a good day bobby is married, male child, working on that now, hangs around a place called "jamaica".

I have a cool website at Be sure to check it out.

I am currently entering deep outerspace

What you see is what you get


Easy going but very difficult. Hardcore to the bone and hate seeing animals die. Love the world but hate most of the people... accept the concept of yin and yan. Hate being around pretentious persons.


I like anything that stimulates me mentally. I am not afraid of the child in me and i like smart people hope to be one some day. so i guess i like this site.

Interview Questions

what have you learnt from 2008?

it is best to forget the past year and move on to the next adventure of the new one

What would you do if you went on your DREAM DATE?!

my dream date would be a pinic, by a very small water fall that trickles into a pond that is also small and has rocks and streams away into an under ground channel, that you'd have to drive about 40miles to reach, and it must be very secluded. I have actually found one like that tooo

If you could say one last thing to an ex, what would it be?

can we see each other again soon

If we can't laugh at ourselves then who can we laugh at?

Uhm laughing necessary

So males do you after females that ignore you?

Nah just try to be with someone who has sense and who can go to matinee with.... the rest works it self out

Cellphones, what are they good for?

...and they also are good for keeping a leash on ya ... not to mention for those who like to cheat .... easy mode of secret contacts and messages ...and it helps criminals to communicate more efficiently ...oooohhh and not to mention lots and lots of jobs and cell sites and sponsorship .... hoooorayyy to.... whatever man [trouble]

The random photo journal » Finally

written by bobby, published 2007-Sep-12, comment

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Water pressure was low all evening and i hate going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink so after doing some work i checked the tap. The house was in totally darkness except for well look nuh cho...

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Gods Child commented: I'm looking Bobby I don't get it. Oh! Did your wife do the dishes? ... read 2 more

The wheels project » Honda civic

written by bobby, published 2007-Aug-31, comment

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Stock ..high end from Signapore has the cvt transmission... which is rather cool

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bobby commented: Hey thanks for the re-touch Owen. [congrats]. Just didn't get around to doing myself yet. ... read 2 more

Drive By » Getting By

written by bobby, published 2007-Aug-23, comment

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Guess he knew rain was coming

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Gods Child commented: bobby you are married? ... read 18 more

Into the Blue » Anger

written by bobby, published 2007-Aug-07, comment

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Dark clouds getttig ready to cry

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owen commented: I love the rain. I'm only happy when it [url][caption]rains[/url] ... read 1 more

Which is more important family or friend?

Why?? cause i want to know what you all think. Bear in mind though friend is "FRIEND" and family is any blood relative.

written by bobby on 2007-Aug-06, Answer this question15

Gods Child answered: family is more important because they are the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally.[indifferent] That is why they have the ability (not the right) to drive you mad. ... read 14 more

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