1. Not as yet, and I've got a far way to go.

    by Leon 2007-Sep-09 

  2. No, far from it at the moment! Hmm I still have a lot of work to do on myself.

    by Stunner 2007-Sep-09 

  3. Well i am who i am right now this minute am i who i would have hoped to be ...and when did i start wanting to be this person ..... guess every couple of years the goal post shifts depending on the changes we experience in our lives.

    Doubt i'll ever be who i want to then..... [trouble]

    by bobby 2007-Sep-09 

  4. Close enough, for now.

    by Basta303 2007-Sep-09 

  5. I'm paving my way everyday. I'm not exactly there as yet but i'm not that far off either. I can see the person a bit clearer now in the mirror in the mornings :) he's a really cool looking guy with a pretty successful business.

    by taylor 2007-Sep-09 

  6. I am definitely who I am. Am I who I want to be? I guess I am partially, but there are some things I would change still.

    by mad bull 2007-Sep-10 

  7. I am who you want me to be, sort of.

    by Gods Child 2007-Sep-10 

  8. Sex Kitten?...umm no and i'm not sure if i will ever be that.

    by Tami 2007-Sep-10 

  9. tami.. call me ;) i specialize in dream realization.

    by taylor 2007-Sep-10 

  10. I am who I am, whether i am who i want to be...well i don't think anyone much more growing to much potential you can always achieve...but i am happy with who i am...which i guess is an answer to a whole other question

    by Yakeisha 2007-Sep-11