Chin up High

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written by owen on 2021-Sep-24.

I have summed it all up or down to "fear". The things we fear are a desease unto themselves. As humans we each fear different things and luckily fear is not a transferable to everyone. You can fool some people some of the times but you cannot fool all the people all the time. It is as simple as that: fear. fear is big business.

These are definitely interesting times we are living in. We seem to be chasing our own tails turning everything into some kind of war of worlds. Ignorance is truly bliss. Many of the world's great problems are still unsolved so what do we do? We create new virtual problems and shift between them when we get bored. Hell is truly "other people". Graceless like a dry leaf in a stream. shifting from side to side rather than refining and developing into something new and better.

Culture cant be measured...well not by any one person. Because individuals are limited or rather trapped by physics (one place at one time, etc). So at least 2 people would need to be on a long enough timeline to see both the start, the end, and then survive with the clearity of mind to deduce that nothing of importance actually transpired.

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