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written by owen on 2021-Jul-17.

The older I get the more I am aware of the bounds of the forest in which I live. The monkeys in the tree.  It is like a freshly cleaned window: everything is visible without distraction including the frame and the coating used to prevent the water from splashing in through the sides.  It is an amazing feeling while dreadful at the same time.  Nothing is free.  Time or money or both is the fuel that drives everything.  Chaos and potential.  Knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

You only have one life to live and so it is important that you make use of the time to not only improve your own life but the life of others around you.  Even if this improvement is only a small step in a new direction.  Because if you look into it everything has already been done.  We are wearing our parents' clothes with different tags.  Moving from suit to suit basking in the ignorance of not looking at the path that is laid before us.

Whenever I fill up my camera I try to print a few of the pictures at the cheapest size available so that I can have some physical record of what I did with this expensive tool that I bought last year.  Instagram is a waste of time.  I am not sure if I should create a photo wall or something but for right now I have them in envelopes that I show to my co-workers.  Some day I will take a really good picture that I can print big.

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