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written by owen on 2009-Dec-10.

All my favorite things eventually get taken away. I have no HBO or Cinemax cheesy latenight softporn. I hope you all are happy now, now that we are in a drought because we did not have any hurricanes. Added to the fact that my favorite Chinese food place burnt to the ground yesterday. Well it didn't really burn to the ground but I am deeply saddened and I certainly won't be able to partake of the blessing that is chicken-fry-rice anytime soon. CURSES!!!

I was recently gifted with a tiny little blue fish. I'm pleased to announce that it is not dead yet and no, I have not named it. Why should I name it? I am its only friend. Sometimes I stare at it and wonder what it thinks about now that it is trapped in a cashew bottle on my "chest of draws". That phrase always makes me laugh alittle on the inside, "chest of draws", "house of cards", deoxyribonucleic acid. Sometimes it become imobile, almost as if sleeping or texting while driving. I give the bowl a gentle tap, then I feed it.

It was suggested that I go off to the north coast for my vacation, I'm pleased to announce that I instead spent most of the time sleeping. Other than that, I spent my time reading and thinking about complicated software architectures of LMS systems. Maybe the concept of a vacation eludes my simple mind.

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  1. it is "chest of drawers" ...i think i gonna give u a spelling quiz each week.

    by Jamila 2009-Dec-10 

  2. Thank God someone else sees his need. whew!
    [insert relieved smiley here]

    by Tami 2009-Dec-10 

  3. everybody says "draws". Its where people keep draws.

    by owen 2009-Dec-11 

  4. Name him Owen Jr. Its a good name for a blue fish...get it? LOL [crickets in the distance]

    by Tami 2009-Dec-10 

  5. Owen you will eat chicken fry rice again

    by Gods Child 2009-Dec-12 

  6. I can only hope and pray [cry]

    by owen 2010-Jan-03 

  7. Whats LMS Systems?

    by mad bull 2009-Dec-13 

  8. Short for Learning Management System

    by owen 2010-Jan-03