The DSi Sucks

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written by owen on 2009-Apr-15.

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If you don't know what that means then feel free to ignore this post. For this post I'm just going to be dropping random thoughts and rambling wildly about the device that was recently released in America to cure cancer.

Nintendo is releases another gimped product.

  • Yeah the Dsi is pretty much done as far as features are concerned. They should add GB, and GBA games to the shop. Apart from that in my opinion its the same as the DS lite which is pretty disappointing. They should have added some must have features such as rumble, and tilt detection (which when I think about it could be done by using the camera to watch the background). hmmm...
  • I bet they could add GBA cart with a sd slot and new firmware to run the DSi operating system from the cart. f the cameras. but will they do it? nooooooo because the dsi is different not by much, but just enough to kill any hows hopes of merging the two while still allowing them to live side by side.
  • i'm pretty disapointed with it as a upgrade. Its basically ds lite 1.2, wasted oppurtunity to produce something worth its money.
  • The only useful feature I have seen is a very basic hack which is totally useless.
  • It reminds me of the current gen DSi. But I guess people will still buy it - which is the problem. it reminds me in the sense of it being a half-assed/poor upgrade over the previous version of the same system. I mean when you compared NES->SNES (a real upgrade in everyway) to GB->GBA (more colors? faster processor? same buttons?). There needs to be new word for what they are doing; something like "side-grade" instead of upgrade.
  • The quality of SNES vs GBA is better overall in every way BECAUSE of the buttons. the GBA though faster than a snes is not a better upgrade. Similar to what is happening with the DS and DSi now. Minor updates only put more plastic in land fills. Build good hardware and people will keep it forever.
  • The DSi does NOTHING well....NOOOOTTTHHINNNGG. My old cellphone takes better pictures, plays mp3s and has more internal memory. I can imagine that they were going to put 512mb of internal memory in it and then some body said "wait the wii has 512mb, we can't do that, it would look like we are purposely making handicapped hardware to keep our customers buying new upgraded versions" of last gen hardware.
  • I really don't know why they have to half-*** EVERYTHING! yeah they get good battery life which the psp failed at, but I mean theres got to be a middle ground. and apparently you loose a couple hours of battery life as well.
  • My 3 year old motorola phone plays mp3s. They better not try to sell mp3 functionality in the future.
  • WTF is with that dam manual that they pack into the box? Its got like a 2 trees worth of paper in it. The manual comes in 3 languages and is roughly 90% of wieght of the package. This is a factor of total laziness and no concern for the environment. I'm sure that manual alone costs 10 dollars to produce and kills endangered animals.
  • The 1000 free points that they give you is basically a gateway drug for DSI shovel-ware shop. Just a enough reason to get you to find a nerd to hook up your WIFI point and hook into their global Dsi tracking website. Its masterful. Thats all I can say. Its probably even included in the price of the Dsi.
  • I don't hate it. I'm just disappointed :(
  • I don't know if the people realise this yet but when nintendo releases a new console, all your downloaded clocks and calenders will be tied to the dsi that you bought them on and so you may have to buy them ALL OVER AGAIN.

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  1. I feel your pain... The DSi is the stupidest and most half-***ed upgrade in the world, but just because it's Nintendo, all the goddamn fanboys feel the need to buy it and pay homage to a shitty corporate conglomerate...

    'Scuse my rant. Your post could not be more true.

    by 1337_SNES_Girl 2009-Apr-16 

  2. Lol at all of you idiots who are saying how bad of an improvement it was.

    by Anonymous 2009-Apr-27 

  3. [mocking] [yawning]

    by jojo 2010-Jan-19 

  4. Ndsi is so fail! stupid nintendo goin mainstream more then before!!!

    Those cameras are for pedofiles!

    by Roflmaointhahouse 2009-Apr-17 

  5. wtf is up with nintendo these days???

    by whynintendowhy 2009-Apr-24 

  6. this article is soooo true... the dsi may seem like it has alot of features but the truth is that they all only entertain you for an hour or two then you get bored. thats why i plan to return my dsi tomorow

    by dsfail 2009-Jul-28 

  7. bought one as an impulse buy. worst impulse buy ever. My G1 is way more entertaining.

    by rob 2009-Apr-24 

  8. I'd rather buy the cheaper nintendo lite, since it come with a GBA slot. I dont even think anyone need that SD card crap or the camera. They could've saved money and just made a hole in it for GBA. I guess I'm savingg $40, because I'm just going to buy the old NDSlite.
    I'm really dissapointed at Nintendo, they've really had great devices, but now i think they're just trying to rip all their customers off. I hope they get enough sense in their heads to at least add GBA, or change the price of it to $100, cause thats all its worth. [yawning]

    I think if we want them to change the DSi, then we need to send feedback to their site.

    by Kseniya 2009-Apr-25 

  9. There are more idiots on the internet than I imagined....DSi is so much more win over the DS....Seriously guys, What DOES the scouter say about his power level?

    by Nappa 2009-Apr-27 

  10. by owen 2009-Apr-28 

  11. They should have made it a more creative device. Instead of pictochat there should be a full drawing/painting software. The stylus is perfect for that. I makes no sense at all why did not do this. Why not an Adobe illustrator DS ?

    by Matt 2009-May-12 


    by james braselton 2009-May-26 

  13. i fudging hate the dsi, i bought 1 thinking hey i can search the web and do a bunch of stuff but no nintendo made it so that it can't play videos or music on the web no games either. all of the games that have come out on the dsi shop suck they are tetres game after tetres after puzzel game nintendo couldof done so much better with this console it is such a dissapointment i now don't think i will ever get another nintendo product because it might become another dsi [how sad]

    by crappy dsi 2009-Jul-06 

  14. Nindow is bad company.
    This comany release DSi with internet without parent contol option at the beginning of DSi innitial setting. This means the parents who has no idea of internet, would give to the child and he or she is start surfing. Try out for yourself. You can even go to Hardcore site. Nintendo is owned and operated by Japanese and do care about other, except money. Demon minded company.. go to hell, Nintendo..!! Japanese Sucks

    by trentway 2009-Oct-11 

  15. No GBA slot? F*ck that. I'm sticking with my DS Lite.

    by Dave 2009-Nov-20 

  16. As if it wasn't bad enough when Nintendo realized the mistake they made with the original DS and it's poor screen and build quality they went ahead and basically showed the world they REALLY don't know when to call their product final.
    DS phat had crap design that broke apart? "Fix" it by releasing DS lite. Oh wait. It doesn't look next gen! Lets tag some cellphone capabilities, a useless browser, and potentially the same DLC capabilites as every other system and call it DSi. Wonderful. A "ME TOO" system. Fail.

    by MasterYoshidino 2009-Nov-22 

  17. [nive]i love the dsi!

    by jojo 2010-Jan-19 

  18. dsi is booty i prefer a gameboy

    by i hate nintendo 2010-Feb-27 

  19. No the DSi does not suck and here's why:

    Why don't you think of that, instead of insulting the new Nintendo DSi?
    Look more at the DSi instead of asking others about not liking it.
    It 0wns and don't even think about rejecting it either.
    So, What do you think?

    by Simon 2010-Jul-14 

  20. you need some original ideas and maybe you need to look at the new 3DS

    by owen 2010-Jul-15 

  21. no one asked for that kind of opinion.

    by NOYB 2014-Aug-08 

  22. hell yeah
    nintendo is rolling around in their own grave
    i want GBA games in the next generation DS!!!

    by Who? 2010-Jul-26 

  23. The DSI sucks I bought it thinking "oh wow a new system that means that there will be new games!" THERE AREN'T ANY FUDGING NEW GAMES FOR THAT SYSTEM!.All they put on the dsiware shop is puzzle after puzzle.If you dont have an internet connection,the dsi has a camera & sound to offer you. what shiz.So I traded in my fudged up dsi for a 3DS and the 3DS is SO MUCH BETTER.Don't buy a DSI,Get a 3DS but also stick with your DS Lite as nintendo hasnt yet added all the GBA titles yet to the E-shop.And the DSI BARELY HAS ANY 3RD PARTY SUPPORT!(Probably cause it sucks so much).Yep im not going to recommend DSI shiz to anyone!.

    by Pie 2012-May-26 

  24. the only thing the dsi is good for is looking at nude pics. GAMECUBE IS 1,000,000 TIMES BETTER!

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Aug-11 

  25. yes, it has internet. but it does not have flash, and without flash, you cant do shit on the internet.

    by TheHomacidalNerd 2013-Oct-06 

  26. ya the dsi sucks stick with the ds lite orupgrade to the new 3ds ll

    by dsi suck 2014-Nov-22 

  27. dsi sucks i should have bought the 3ds ;-;

    by dsi=poop 2014-Dec-28 

  28. I got a dsi its not bad I think Nintendo could've added flash player or better picture
    But its not terrible it has internet it is a pretty good system but the 3ds2ds is much better but the difference is that it has alarms which is why I keep it
    But other than alarms I don't really use it
    I prefer a 2ds or a 3ds
    BTW I HAVE a 2ds

    by Anubis 2015-Jan-10