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Thursday 17

written by owen, 2004-Jun-19

I often meet alot of random people when I go outside.

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lameo commented: Heh heh heh .... thats whats generally on the outside ... random people ... read 4 more


written by owen, 2004-Jun-7

Sometimes dealing with people in customer service isn't all that bad.

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lameo commented: Did she know you were spying on her ...naughty naughty ... read more


written by owen, 2004-Mar-24

if you look carefully you can see the reflection of the camera in my eye .

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Kash commented: Yeah owen i can also see that your pores are clogged and you need to shave that goatee off if we're ever gonna get married ... read 5 more


written by owen, 2004-Mar-24

There is nothing here between these lines.

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in public at midday

written by owen, 2004-Feb-20

going anywhere on public transportation at midday usually involves waiting in lines. No subways. 5:21pm Kingston, Jamaica.

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