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written by owen, 2007-Apr-21

aka the tenant

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written by owen, 2007-Feb-19


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written by owen, 2007-Feb-19

noisy and messy little 3 year old gremlin

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Beach Exercise Crew

written by Mad Bull, 2006-Dec-30

Went down to the Seven Mile Beach early this morning and saw this group of walkers out for some exercise. I had my new camera (Natty's gift to me for Christmas) so I took a shot of them. They were quite some distance away! I love this camera.

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taylor commented: 6x optical zoom man.. rocks the world. i think i'm selling my fuji this month :D gettina a fuji finepix s6500fd.. manual zoom and focus ring.. :drools: ... read more

The last hoorah

written by Kash, 2006-Sep-19

Good times only happen when i'm asleep, as we can all see here.

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owen commented: I would make a comment on this picture but I not going to. ... read 1 more

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