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written by michael_halvorsen, 2005-Mar-16

our friend tyrel, a.k.a. t-unit, t-rel, t-rex, ti-83+, twade, and anything else that begins with a 't' became tree-unit a night after consuming alcohol.

picture taken 2005-03-10, on our usual declared night of partying: thursday night. the parties are in 201 dunbar at kent state university. awesome times.

note: tree-unit enjoys bud light and long walks on the beach. as gay as he may look in the picture, he's not.

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red wanting blue and me

written by michael_halvorsen, 2005-Feb-26

i went to a red wanting blue concert and was lucky enough to meet a beautiful girl named anne, left, and scott, the lead singer of red wanting blue, middle.

thats me to the right with my hair.

awesome ass show, one hell of a kick ass band.

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Portland Jerk Festival 2004

written by owen, 2004-Aug-4

Many people turned out but it was really worth the time. And please don't try to drive directly to the event. Portland Jerk Festival.

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Pauleene Edwards commented: I visited the Jerk Festival in July 2004. Wonderful event and so much people. Like Owen said, do not drive directly to the event. We spent more time trying to get back to our vehicle than we did at the event. Pork delicious!!! ... read 11 more


written by owen, 2004-Jun-30

Cross-eyed woman hates getting her picture taken. Hopes to oneday move to Liberty City and start her own gang of thieves. Listens to V.C.P.R. at work in mp3 format and has found all the hidden items - yes crazy white girl.

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Breakspeare commented: I don't think she is cross-eyed and there is nothing wrong with VCPR, Chatterbox is better though.. ... read 6 more

Thursday 17 - 2

written by owen, 2004-Jun-19

I often meet alot of random people when I go outside.

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lameo commented: eeeek ... not so close dude ... read 6 more

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