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2 White Girls and a Old man

written by owen, 2012-May-14

While in a club in Barbados I took a picture of a old man taking a picture of 2 whites drinking Banks. I hoped to create a glitch in the matrix.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

written by Mad Bull, 2012-Mar-17

A bunch of young people having a St. Patrick's Day beach party...

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owen commented: what cellphone did you use to take these pics? its 2012 man! [tongue] ... read 1 more

Stingray City, Baby!

written by Mad Bull, 2010-Apr-12

This pic was taken about a half mile offshore at Stingray City, where the sandy bottom raises to just beneath the surface in a semi-circular spot about 100 feet wide. There is a man standing in the water with stingrays swimming all around. His baby girl is on his shoulders because she refused to go in the water with the stingrays...

I joined them in the water after taking the pics. One of the stingrays touched me too, while swimming by...

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written by owen, 2010-Mar-1

Di Techa

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written by owen, 2010-Mar-1


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