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What passions are you pursuing in 2013?

written by owen, 2013-Jan-14, Answer this question1

arimartinart answered: The passions of the Christ. Also the passions of the piss flaps that burn red hot for a certain Gloucester policeman ... read more

What are you favourite songs/videos of 2012?

watch mine and post yours in the comments! *links to youtube videos automatically convert*

written by owen, 2012-Dec-14, Answer this question12

owen answered: M.I.A. - Bad Girls What can I say its MIA. Still rocking it in the desert. I just saw this video a couple minutes ago but its from March 2012. Pure Gold. There is also a [url][caption]making of video[/url]. I top favourite videos just happen to have stunt cars in them, not sure why but its a total coincidence. ... read 11 more

Style or Substance? Pick one

written by owen, 2012-Nov-28, Answer this question6

Ayo answered: I just have ONE question ..... are those real females? ... read 5 more

What do you think about female rappers?

written by owen, 2012-Jul-15, Answer this question17

mike answered: Sasha Gohard - What We Do ... read 16 more

Who is gonna run summer 2012?

especially since Vibez Kartel is incarcerated. Answer and post summer music videos in the comments. This post is going to updated all summer.

written by owen, 2012-Jun-18, Answer this question6

owen answered: Fuego feat. El Potro Alvarez - Una Vaina Loca ... read 5 more

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