1. is it just me or is there a whole alota people named AMY roaming around here?

    Anyway "Ghost in a Shell" is one of my favourites along with "Blue Seed", "Tekken" and "Gun Bomb". There are a few more but I can't remember them at the moment. There was also one called "Bebop" something ....hmmm.

    by owen 2004-Apr-05 

  2. I like Miyazaki's movies.

    by Faith 2004-Apr-07 

  3. spirited away- studio gibly

    by ceren 2004-Apr-10 

  4. theres another one called ninja scroll pretty good as well.

    by owen 2004-Apr-10 

  5. xeno recommends:

    • Metropolis - You'll be damned to find a better combination of artwork, story, animation, music, production values etc. etc.....
    • Spirited Away - Extremely intense... wicked
    • Princess Mononoke - For the same reason as above.
    as the top 3 best anime movies ever made.

    by owen 2004-Apr-16 

  6. i always liked the legend of the 4 kings

    by Kaizer 2004-May-27