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is flash flowchart opensource

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written by clark_obrien on 2004-Mar-09.

I found the flowchart on this site searching google. I was wondering if the Fla's are available- else if the author has a tutorial on how to keep objects connected when dragging.

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  1. by clark_obrien 2004-Mar-09 

  2. One of the more complicated files using alot of actionscript. Very hard to understand and even harder to set up. however the main principle behind it is quiet simple.

    • you first need to be able to drag clips around
    • then you'll need to know how to make the line stretch from one point to another point on the screen. This I stole from a flash movie called "strum" available over at uncontrol.

    once you get those working you'll realise that each line is a movie clip and each dot is also button. You will then procedure to build an array which tells the lines which movie clips they are supposed to stay attached to.

    each time you drag a button, you then call a function which moves the lines to their respective spots (using the array).

    that's the jist of it.

    If you can't do that then you could always just draw your chart in photoshop and export it as a jpeg.

    You searched through 50 pages of google results? well you seem determined enough. if you still want the fla email me and I'll send it.

    by owen 2004-Mar-09 

  3. Hi owen,

    I was also looking for something like that flowchart flash. I tried a bit but do not seem to get it working. If you could post that fla file, it would really help. thx


    by mcbass 2004-Aug-25 

  4. also tried to google to no success...i'm also looking for a flowcharting thingy for a workflow engine with some xml, doing it in dhtml but having problems with cross-browsing the code. I was blown away with your work...can u pls email me the fla file too?


    by isha 2004-Sep-13 

  5. do u have any luck in doin the workflow module. Myself also want to do the same. can you give me some inputs regarding the above mentioned problem.

    by John 2007-Apr-11 

  6. I have a workflow thing to do like forever and still can't figure out a good implementation. Its tricky

    by owen 2007-Apr-11 

  7. Hi owen,

    I'm impressed with the flash flowchart, I really need something like that for my application, how can I get it ?


    by Idea 2006-Apr-08 

  8. hello everybody, it seems like you all don't understand - YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND MY FILE. if you want me to help you please send an email me.

    by owen 2006-Apr-08 

  9. wow years later and a GOOD flowchart program still doesn't exits.

    If offer is still good could I PLEASE see a copy of your .fla file for creating flowcharts.

    I understand the array for the lines though foggy on other required functions.



    by PictureChasers 2009-Feb-18 

  10. Yeah. I'm attempting to find something to help create an interactive flow chart where the user can click certain boxes and have them open up whether on click or on mouse over.I guess one would have to learn Flash and create it...

    by Usman 2009-Jun-22 

  11. yes you would have to do that, sorry

    by owen 2009-Jun-24 

  12. Give lucidchart.com a go!

    by Paul 2009-Dec-01 

  13. wow, it only took 5 years, might still not help some people though

    by owen 2009-Dec-01 

  14. you may find this useful



    by Krisreddy 2010-Jan-27 



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