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What are your views on global warming/climate change?

written by owen, 2012-Apr-2, Answer this question8

Gods Child answered: I think that they are not necessarily linked to human activity but since we can't be too sure, we should all live like monks and never drive cars or ride buses. We should bring our own reusables to the market and throw out only the things that animals will eat. That is all. ... read 7 more

What do you do on your day off from work?

i.e. if you work

written by owen, 2012-Mar-11, Answer this question6

yamfoot answered: Go to the beach and listen to soothing music there. Tan only..I don't go in the water. ... read 5 more

what do you do when people write weird stuff on your fb page?


written by owen, 2012-Feb-16, Answer this question4

tanmaya answered: i wld kick them off ..but the thing is i dont hav an fb account ... read 3 more

What did you get/give for christmas?

written by owen, 2011-Dec-28, Answer this question1

Gods Child answered: I gave: cold hard cash a balaclava books about personal finance a crocheted coaster a laptop fan (the kind that goes under the laptop, on your lap) I received: costume jewelry gloves that work with your touchscreen yarn crochet needle case gift cert. to starbucks ... read more

Is your smartphone rotting your brain?

I want to know before i get one

written by owen, 2011-Aug-23, Answer this question3

owen answered: maybe its a sixth sense [confused] ... read 2 more

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