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Do you care about anything? what?


written by owen, 2013-Oct-6, Answer this question3

Tami answered: Yes. My family and friends. ... read 2 more

What is the colour of love?

written by owen, 2013-Jul-11, Answer this question2

ThatCreepyWhiteGuy answered: how the hell should i know? i havent dated in years. ... read 1 more

How have smartphones increased your productivity?

written by owen, 2013-Apr-25, Answer this question5

Tami answered: You mean Idleness. I'm always on facebook and twitter and as soon as someone makes a comment i can follow up with a smart alek come back. [happy] ... read 4 more

How does pollution affect the management of a port?

I am currently studying international shipping and logistics and every articles seeks to give information about the souces of pollution at a port etc but not how it affects the port opperations.

written by George Malcolm, 2013-Mar-9, Answer this question1

owen answered: Based on my observations the operations at a port will continue and long as there is water in the sea polluted or not. However [url][caption]accidents and dangerous chemicals[/url] can cause harm to the employees of the port rendering it difficult if not impossible to work or continue operations. Hope that helps. ... read more

What should I make for lunch?

written by owen, 2013-Feb-27, Answer this question3

Tami answered: Make? A fruit smoothy ... read 2 more

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