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What are some things that you dislike but everybody else seem to like?


written by owen, 2011-Jul-6, Answer this question4

Tami answered: I hate the fad around Blackberrys. If you don't have one you're seen as ancient. I've been trying it out to see if it fits my style however i feel targetted on the road with it, like i can't use my own phone in public for the fear of being held up and robbed. I heard that a few years ago a student from UWI got cut up by a man on a get-a-way bicycle for one. ... read 3 more

Why do you want to be rich?


written by owen, 2011-Apr-29, Answer this question6

Tami answered: So that i don't have to worry about my expenditure surpassing my income. ... read 5 more

What is a good game for two adults to play together?

written by owen, 2011-Feb-2, Answer this question5

Tami answered: LOL [happy] This is a funny question. ... read 4 more

If you were a person of interest, what would your alias be?


written by owen, 2011-Feb-1, Answer this question15

iriediva answered: curry coolie calaloo coolie? coolie? mi nuh kno :S ... read 14 more

What have been your favourite songs/albums of 2010?

Write them in the comments, you can post youtube videos or song names (and i'll find the videos). Click question or click view all answers to see my picks. I'll be updating the comments page as the songs come back to mind.

written by owen, 2010-Dec-8, Answer this question11

acep answered: Tanya Stephens "No Strings Attached" My theme song for 2010! ... read 10 more

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