What have been your favourite songs/albums of 2010?

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written by owen on 2010-Dec-08.

Write them in the comments, you can post youtube videos or song names (and i'll find the videos). Click question or click view all answers to see my picks. I'll be updating the comments page as the songs come back to mind.

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  1. Reggae And Dancehall

    Konshens - Realest Song
    Konshens really lives up to his name.

    Tami Chynn & Tifa - Certified Diva

    Vybz Kartel Feat. Russian - Jeans & Fitted
    You can say all you want about vybz and bleaching but he does gotz the hitz.

    My Life - I-Octane

    Gyptian - Hold you

    Honorable mentions

    Fake Jeans Admit It

    by owen 2010-Dec-04 

  2. Pop

    Rihana - Rube Boy

    Cee Lo Green - FUCK YOU

    by owen 2010-Dec-04 

  3. Tanya Stephens "No Strings Attached"
    My theme song for 2010!

    by acep 2010-Dec-07 

  4. Co-Worker Picks

    Lance & Shawn: I-OCTANE - THINK A LITTLE TIME - April 2010

    Stephanie: Assassin - Something's Gotta Give (City Life Riddim)

    Sulph: Beenie Man Ft Fambo - I'm Okay/Drinking Rum & Redbull

    Laty: Khago - Nah Sell Out

    Zero: Usher Feat. Jay Z & Ester Dean - Hot Tottie

    Alicia: Trever Off Key - Miss My Cooking

    Jammy: Spice - Jim Screechy

    by owen 2010-Dec-09 

  5. Shen
    Toni Braxton - Woman

    Carrie Underwood - Jesus, Take The Wheel

    by owen 2010-Dec-14 

  6. Kanye West
    - Power
    - Runaway

    by Tami 2010-Dec-16 

  7. "Like a G6" ~ Far East Movement -

    by Mad Bull 2010-Dec-25 

  8. I can't get that song out of my head

    by owen 2011-Jan-10 

  9. 'OMG' ~ Usher

    "Bottoms Up" ~ Trey Songz

    "My Chick Bad" ~ Ludakris

    by Mad Bull 2010-Dec-25 

  10. "Airplanes" ~ BoB, Hayley Williams and Eminem

    by Mad Bull 2010-Dec-25 

  11. Airplane, moment for life, hold yuh, come into my room and all of Kartel's daggerin tunes.

    by Toya 2011-Mar-05 

  12. Any garage band demo's.

    by Cate Jones 2011-May-03 

  13. .... its 2011

    by Yahja 2011-Sep-11