1. I like when it's christmas and the clock sings carols.

    by Tami 2007-Jul-03 

  2. really? I didn't know that. does it do it ever hour? can I hear that thing ring - once! once in all the time I've worked in the area

    by owen 2007-Jul-05 

  3. Rather clear for 5.

    by Leon 2007-Jul-04 

  4. it one of those perfect moments in time

    by owen 2007-Jul-05 

  5. The evenings are long at this time of year.....

    by marangand 2007-Jul-05 

  6. yeah when is a totally cool change from the normal 6 o'clock darkness

    by owen 2007-Jul-05 

  7. That clock says the correct time 5:08 am and 5:08 pm.

    by icymint3 2008-Mar-05