1. beautiful shot

    by taylor 2006-Dec-27 

  2. i would love to take a swim [trouble]

    by mad mike 2007-Mar-30 

  3. Guys, this is Vaughn (yup, the photographer for this shot).... there are sharks in that water below most times ok....and i'm not just saying's true. Nobody swims there for just that reason....oh, and there's a cave there too (that dark spot to the left where the sea meets the cliff) the silhouette of the bush kinda disguises it a bit...but it's cave people. God bless.

    by Vaughn 2007-May-03 

  4. r u kidding me..........i love this..its so beautifullllllllllllll..Titch field right??????not sure so dont laugh at me

    by Tourism student 2008-Nov-23 

  5. Weeelll.... not sure if it's 'Titch Field'... in fact i really wouldn't know is 'which' field... i don't know Portland so well... but if i find out i'll post... k

    by Vaughn McCubbin 2009-Feb-19 

  6. Looks like TitchField High School from what I can recall

    by Ayo 2012-Nov-25