1. This is a very hard question. I guess Jah Cure's True Reflections would have to be way up there... Welcome to Jamrock... Ghetto Story...
    almost all the songs on Green Days latest album, Bullet in a Bible.
    Kelly Clarksons because of you & Since U Been Gone
    Pussy Cat Dolls Don'cha and Stickwityou...

    by Mad Bull 2006-Feb-03 

  2. Lets see some songs I think where release the year before but anyway;

    • Madonna - Hung Up
    • The Killers - I got soul but I'm not a soldier
    • The Applaush Riddim
    • Junior Gong - Welcome to Jamrock
    • Ludacris - Georgia
    • Coldplay - Fix you
    • John Legend? - Used to love you
    • John Legend? - No body has to know

    too many....

    by owen 2006-Feb-03 

  3. Anthony Hamilton--I can't let go

    Ray Lamontagne--Trouble & All the Wild Horses

    Amos Lee--I've seen it all before

    Yin Yang Twins--Whisper Song (Yes I am ashamed to admit it)

    Rihanna--Pon de Replay (now I'm blushing)


    by Gods Child 2006-Feb-03 

  4. * Junior Gong - Pimpers Paradise (well the whole jamrock album)
    * Lifehouse - every song pon di album especially 'Blind'... or maybe that was released in 04?
    * The Donnas
    * Mariah Carey - Shake u off
    * Shakira and Sanz - La Tortura
    * All american Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
    * James Blunt - Beautiful
    * Chris Brown - Run it

    Too much to list, this list will never end

    by Breakspeare 2006-Feb-16 

  5. I haven't taken much notice of the latest releases too be fair, I only discovered Jah Cure last month (shocking I know) so I haven't listened to anything other than "longing for" in quite some time!!!

    by Gracie 2006-Feb-19 

  6. The Killers - Mr Brightside
    Mariah Carey- We belong together
    Kelly Clarkson - All of her song
                                                    esp. Because of You
    All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
    Lifehouse - You and Me
    Junior Gong- Welcome to Jamrock

    by OddOne 2006-Mar-02